Top Five Camera Glasses For 2019

Video Glasses

We logged a total of 36 ½  hours closely investigating and testing out the “glasses with camera” marketplace to see exactly what manufacturers had to offer.

What we uncovered could easily save you hours of your own research, hundreds of wasted dollars on the wrong camera glasses, and the endless disappointment of ending up with a product that failed to deliver everything you would hope it would.

We Narrowed The Field Down

Our top 5 video camera glasses offer everything you would expect. But they do it to a higher degree. All five of these products are easy to use. And they all deliver stellar action videos while providing stylish, comfortable designs – that looks pretty much like any other quality designer brand of sunglasses.

Top camera sunglasses should be lightweight and fit most people of an average size quite nicely while offering complete UV protection. Once again – all 5 of our top choices qualify. A good pair of video glasses should be relatively inconspicuous – looking more like a quality pair of stylish shades then James Bond style wearable tech.

More Than Meets The Eye

As sunglasses, these all measure up quite well. But nobody buys these simply to acquire a cool-looking pair if shades. What buyers are most interested in is the camera that for the most part is discreetly tucked inside these eyeglasses. They want to be able to quickly and easily capture live-action videos and in some cases, images too.

But fuzzy images and grainy video just doesn’t cut it. Today’s eyeglass camera buyer demands videos and images that are crisp and colorful with soundtracks that are clear and identifiable.

The Easiest Way Ever To Capture Memories – Without Hiring A Videographer

Our top picks for cameras glasses provide easy, virtual hands-free operations – so you can create memories as you experience life’s moments in many different ways. All shoot HD quality videos. Some also take snapshots as well.

Point Of View Perspective Made Easy

Eyeglass cameras have one big advantage (in addition to their ultra-compact size) over many other manually-operated or fixed cameras. The difference is in the simplicity of the shoot. You know exactly what the camera is aimed at (once you’re used to your particular device) because it’s identical to whatever you are looking at and focused on. All so all you have to do is look in the direction of whatever it is you want to capture – and start recording. What you’ll invariably notice is that your camera glasses actually catch more than the naked eye sees – or at least remembers. It just doesn’t get easier – or more fun – than this.

#1. Our Top Overall Pick: Gogloo Camera Glasses

Gogloo Camera Glasses


If you’re looking to capture high-quality 1080P videos, whether for action adventures like dirt-biking or hiking, kids sports, or special family get-togethers – Gogloo is a good choice. They look smart and feel quite comfortable – much like you would expect from a quality pair of designer glasses. And with their unisex design – they look good on both women and men.

Polarized lenses protect your eyes from all UVA, UVB and UVC rays – as well as harmful blue light up to 400nm. These frames are lightweight and comfortable. But they’re also quite rugged too. According to the manufacturer, Gogloo glasses are temperature, moisture, and impact resistant. However, you should probably avoid water when possible. Water and electronics have never been a good match.

They feature a 110° wide-angle view to capture more of what you see – from your own personal vantage point. Gogloo also built-in a bigger battery – so a full charge should last somewhere around 80 to 90 minutes of continuous shooting.

Everything you record is captured on a micro SD card, which must be purchased separately. While a 16 GB card is adequate for a lot of people, this device can accommodate SD cards up to a whopping 128 GB.

Most impressive about Gogloo is that it’s a simple device to operate. Just press the start button to begin recording video instantly. Then press it again to stop. This one button control is as easy as it gets and it put you in total control of the videos you record. It’s also what makes this one among the easiest of all camera glasses to operate.

It looks like you’re wearing a pair of sporty, designer sunglasses. So you can shoot video discreetly. And you get about the same quality of videos as you get from your smartphone. You can record up to about 2 1/2 hours worth of video and store it on one 16 GB card. Just remember, when the card is full, you need to download the videos to your computer and then clear them from the SD card all together in order to free up space and resume recording.

#2.  Kmare Camera Glasses

Kmare Camera Glasses


Kmare’s eyeglass camera is both functional and fashionable. And the icing on the cake is that it’s available at a reasonable price too. What it amounts to is superb value for your hard-earned money. To get a better quality, you’d have to be prepared to spend a couple of hundred dollars more. Seriously. These are worth checking out.

What you get is HD video quality with clear audio – so you can capture all of the life moments you want – hands-free. One click and your high definition video recording have begun – so this is another solid option that’s simple to use.

Each video you shoot will be saved in anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes units. You choose. 10 minutes is the maximum for a single recording. But you can record consecutive 10-minute videos automatically. It simply forces the separation of longer footage into shorter files. So if you wanted to continue recording, instead of one long video – you would get several shorter ones.

Choose those life moments you want to preserve forever – and capture them in vibrant detail with these Kmare video camera glasses. In many cases, 10 minutes is plenty enough. But when it’s not, simply continue recording in 10-minute segments.

It’s actually a good thing to have the 10 minute maximum on each video clip. That way you don’t have to worry about losing valuable footage when you’re shooting longer files, when a technical glitch occurs. Not saying that will happen. But with all electronics – it’s an ever-present possibility. It’s also way easier with smaller files to go back and find specific segments you want to replay over and over again.

By the way, Kmare comes equipped with the convenient reset button located next to the micro USB plug-in. This can be handy when you need to reboot your device, should it ever falter.

It takes about two to three hours to charge up the battery. On a full charge, the battery should give you about a solid hour or more of continuous recording. The view angle is about 75° – which captures a span similar to what you would see in an image in portrait format, as opposed to landscape format.

Kmare offers excellent customer support high-quality video and audio. The quality and clarity of the video is top-drawer in daylight, and not so good as the sun goes down.

One-button control is located on the left side of the frame. So it doesn’t take much to master and this one button gives you total control of your video recording. Simplicity is the standard. Simply turn it on and the video begins recording automatically. The indicator light on the glass arm flashes when it’s recording and remains on constantly in standby mode.

Another neat thing about these glasses is that they arrive coated in high-quality rubber material. It’s more comfortable and looks like it’s last a lot longer than standard ABS plastic you see with a lot of sunglasses.

#3. Miota Camera Sunglasses


Mitoa offers a lot of bells and whistles that other cameras simply don’t. And the price is reasonable. Miota makes it easy to capture live video and shoot still photographs. And on a single charge – you get about 60 to 80 minutes of continuous recording time – so you can capture all of life’s little moments and create lasting memories.

What sets Miota part is it’s Bluetooth connectivity. You can transfer files wirelessly when pairing to your Bluetooth enabled laptop or smartphone. There’s also the option to use the included USB cable. But Miota is one of very few companies to give you both.

Pair with your iPhone or Android smartphone and you can actually take calls as you go about your day wearing your glasses and capturing videos as you go. You can also listen to music via the provided headphones at the same time. How cool is that?

It takes on average, about two hours to achieve a full charge when the battery has been depleted. Once it’s fully charged, the charging will shut down automatically, so you don’t have to worry about watching it, or burning out the battery. Oh and… while charging, there’s a red light indicator to let you know it’s re-powering. When the battery is fully charged, the light turns blue, or it may shut off completely.

Since this pair of video glasses have more options, it’s a little more complex to control. There are four buttons as opposed to one. But all operations are controlled by those four buttons.

It can take a little bit of practice to get used to it. But once you do, you’ll be in total control of the device. And as resulting videos you capture will be of much better quality.

You can use a 16 GB to 32 GB micro SD card. But it’s important to manage your device properly. When the card you’re recording to becomes full, you need to remove those files to your computer to free up space. Otherwise, your device will simply overwrite the oldest file on the drive.

Miota’s camera glasses were durable and water resistant. Plus, the interchangeable lenses make this a good option for anyone with prescription glasses.

There’s no doubt about it – this pair of camera glasses is a lot of fun. The cool technology built-in makes it pretty impressive in what you can do. The quality of the video is quite high and the audio is crisp and clear. Perfect for canoeing, boating, cycling, dirt-biking, motorcycling and more. It’s great to wear these when riding anything. It allows you to effortlessly capture the scenery that you see with your own eyes.

It’s not the most discrete camera. The white side frames housing the electronics could be a dead giveaway. So while it’s not the best option for covert recording – it’s a stellar choice for most other things.

#4. OHO Still Image and Video Camera Glasses


OHO is our top choice for still action videos in one. This is due to its built-in 15-megapixel camera. It captures both images and action videos with impressive clarity. This ship as sunglasses. But you can always switch out the standard lenses out for prescription lenses.

One interesting observation is that the frame is quite light so you can wear these glasses for a considerable period of time without experiencing added pressure on your nose or ears. The frame is also impact resistant and strong.

Owning a pair of OHO hd glasses gives you an easy way to save all those valuable moments and preserve great memories. Use them while you’re RVing, camping, fishing, hiking, driving – whatever. Preserve much of those real-life experiences as you can – while you can. Let’s face it – life is short and we don’t always get to go back to do the things we might take for granted at the moment.

One huge advantage OHO offers that most others don’t is they provide you with a 16 GB micro SD card. That means you don’t have to buy a card separately – so you’re ready to go right from the start. Although it can accommodate a 32 GB card – you probably don’t need that much storage space 16 GB is plenty. Just remember to transfer your video files and images to a computer and clear the card before you start capturing videos and images again.

It only takes about an hour to go from having a completely dead battery to one that’s fully charged and ready to shoot again. So there’s not much downtime. This camera is capable of recording 30 to 40 minutes of video on a single charge. While not as much of a charge as other manufacturers provide, you could always use a power bank while you’re filming, to keep that battery powered up.

OHO is another company that offers stellar customer support. The video and audio quality it provides is better than most buyers expect – considering the price. OHO’s viewing angle is about 63°-  a little bit less than the top competitors. But still quite good for point of view videos and stills. It’s a wide enough field of vision – perfect for capturing precisely what your eyes see and focus upon.

Another thing that sets the OHO apart is the image stabilizer that’s built-in. When taking action shots, this stabilizer makes a huge difference.

If you’re looking for a ‘one product fits all’ application – this is it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running, skateboarding, rock climbing, fishing, throwing a frisbee, or motorcycling – this makes a solid choice.

For covert operations, OHO is a good option. It’s useful in dealing with difficult or situations where it might be good to have video backup.

#5. Spectacles 2 For Snapchat

Spectacles 2 Camera Glasses


Spectacles 2 is our top choice for social media. This brand is designed specifically to be used with  Snapchat – one of the most popular social platforms ever. It’s designed to make it super quick and easy to capture life’s moments (in action videos and still photographs) as they occur and posting them to this site – where you can share with friends, fans, and followers.

It’s an excellent concept and these new and improved Spectacles makes it easier than ever. One touch of the button and you’re shooting a 10-second video. Hold down that same button to snap a photograph. It’s so easy – anyone can do it.

When you pair Spectacles Two with the your smart phone and connect wirelessly – uploading is super fast. It’s the quickest and easiest way to share what you experience in real life with all those in your loop on social media.

The battery that’s built into the Spectacles camera glasses can capture about 70 of these 10-second videos on a single charge. There’s a charging case supplied that allows you to charge the glasses while in storage. The case can actually be charged four times – before it needs to be recharged itself. This comes in very handy when you’re at the beach.

Built-in dual microphones mean Spectacles II picks up sound quite clearly and it balances the audio nicely. The light on the outside of the frame indicates to others when you are recording – so there are no secrets here. There’s also a light inside to let you know when it’s recording.

These glasses are built to withstand more than average use. They can survive things like pool parties, beach days and wet weather. You can even take a photo or video a few feet underwater – so these camera glasses are extremely durable.

Incidentally, those 10-second snippets are stored on a built-in 4 GB flash storage drive – a drive that’s capable of storing 150 of these videos – or 3000 images. It’s also the only pair of camera glasses we selected with built-in storage.

You can use prescription lenses with Spectacles and you can wither use Snap’s recommended source or you can take them to any local eyeglass shop.

Since this product is designed for Snapchat, it’s perfect for those who are already active Snapchatters and those who want to be. On the other hand, if you have no interest in using Snapchat, this is not the option for you.

The Verdict

You could easily spend days checking out every available pair of camera glasses on the market. But why waste your time when we’ve already done the grunt work for you?

The above 5 selections are the best of the lot. Each is a recommended buy. But every pair of camera sunglasses is different in its own way. What pair is best for you depends on how you plan to use it. For the best all-around video camera glasses, we choose Gogloo. The top pick in the photo and video category goes to OHO. And the best pair for social media is Spectacles 2.


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