Spectacles 2 – Original Camera Glasses Made Specifically For Snapchat

Spectacles 2 Camera Glasses

Has this ever happened to you – or one of your friends? Something occurs  – a moment – right before your eyes. But before you can whip out your smartphone and open the camera app, it’s gone. That moment is over and the opportunity to capture it and share it on social media is lost forever. With Spectacles 2 camera glasses – you’ll always be ready to seize the moment. And sharing it quickly with all your friends and followers on Snapchat just got a whole lot easier.

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Snapchat Made Even Easier

If you enjoy using social media giant – Snapchat – then you’re going to love the original Spectacles 2. They’re offered by Snap Incorporated, owners of Snapchat and these classes are designed to make it super easy to quickly capture all those share-worthy moments through photos and videos as they occur and post them just as quickly to one of the most popular social sites ever.

Spectacles 2 Are The New and Improved Version

It’s a brilliant concept made even better through this second edition version of Spectacles. One press of the button and you’re recording a 10-second video. Press and hold the same button to snap a photograph. Spectacles 2 pairs with any smart phone running any reasonably up-to-date operating system, so you can connect wirelessly to Snapchat. It’s the fastest and easiest way to share whatever you want with your friends and followers. And they look pretty cool too. If Snapchat is your thing – you owe it to yourself to check these out.

Five Things You Need To Know About Spectacles 2

1. Battery life – Fully charged, the battery built-into Spectacles 2 enables you to capture up to 70 videos before requiring a re-charge.

2. Charge on the go – You can charge your glasses right from the case. Included with your Spectacles 2 is a charging case that can repower your glasses four times before needing to be recharged itself (and there’s an indicator light to let you know how much charge is left in the recharging case – so you never have to guess).

3. Standard re-charging also available – It also comes with a USB cable, so you can connect to your computer or wall outlet for a fresh charge anytime, or connect to a power bank to recharge on the go, as you continue to use your Spectacles II camera glasses.

4. Viewing angle – the field of view is slightly reduced on this version of Spectacles – down to 105° from 115° in the original Spectacles. But it’s plenty wide to give you a detailed shot.

5. Dual microphones for higher-quality sound – these are more effective at picking up external voices and sounds, which in turn, balances the audio quite nicely. So the sound of your voice (behind the camera) is similar to your subject, or the other people in your video, resulting in better quality recordings every time.

What Can You Use The Spectacles 2 Cameras For?

These cameras are all about fun. You’ll want to take them with you on any jaunt with your friends – that’s a given. But these tech wonders are all about seizing life at the moment and capturing life from your eyes in real time – as it occurs. The more you wear your Spectacles – the better prepared you’ll be and invariably, the more opportunities to shoot and share will come your way.

Basic Legalities Of Camera Glasses

Currently, the laws are somewhat vague concerning “hidden” cameras. No single law applies across the board in the United States, since privacy laws are established at the state level.

But several states do have laws on the books prohibiting the use of such devices in places like locker rooms, change rooms and restrooms. So it’s a good idea to remove and turn off your camera glasses in or around these places. It’s also worthwhile to familiarize your self with the law in your particular area.

It’s also recommended that you ask permission, before randomly capturing video of people on your Spectacles 2 and definitely before uploading any footage to Snapchat. If you’re always respectful of others – you shouldn’t have any problem.

As camera glasses of all kinds become increasingly popular, it’s likely that the laws will be updated. The reality is that cameras are practically everywhere these days. But whether that’s a good or a bad thing depends on the situation.

Capturing suspicious activity could prove useful to law enforcement. And you never know when something is going to happen. That’s why it’s helpful to be ready and able with your camera glasses on –wherever life takes you.

One Notable Difference

Spectacles 2 Camera Glasses

Unlike most video camera glasses, Spectacles 2 makes it pretty obvious to others that you’re actually shooting live footage. How it does so is via the circular light on the outside the frame. When your camera is live – the light turns on to let others know you’re recording. It’s a significant difference from camera glasses that could be used by a private eye hired by an insurance company to monitor a suspected case of fraud.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Spectacles 2 Camera Glasses?

It can take a couple of hours to fully charge the battery of the Spectacles 2 – depending on how depleted it happens to be at the moment. Typical Snapchat users will probably get a couple of days of usage out of a single charge – occasional users will get much more.

The good news is that battery charges seem to be much less of an issue with these camera glasses since they start recharging as soon as you put them back in the case. So there’s no need to wait until you’re back home to connect them to your computer or wall outlet. This means you can recharge the batteries while sitting around the pool, lying on the beach, or while sitting on a train, bus, or streetcar.

How Does It Work?

What’s unique about Snap’s Spectacles 2 is that they record in 10 seconds segments to keep your captures short and sweet. And everything you manage to snap (videos and photos) is recorded and stored in the on-board 4 GB flash storage, which is capable of holding up to 150 video segments or 3000 images.

Once you’ve taken those snapshots and video snippets – you can upload them right away via the Snapchat app. After adding these to your account, you can also save them on your hard drive.

While not cheap – they certainly are practical and a lot of fun too. If you prefer, you can use prescription lenses (in place of the standard sunglasses lens) via the Spectacles 2 official lens provider. But you could also take these frames to any capable optical store and have them fit your prescription lenses to the Spectacles frame for you. By the way, those sunglass lenses offer up UV protection, though they are not polarized.

How To Use Spectacles 2 Camera Glasses

These are super-easy to operate. Easy, one-button control puts you in charge. Press once and you can record a single 10-second clip. Press it again for another 10-second clip. Press a third time to record a third segment and a 30-second clip maximum size sequence. For photographs, simply press and hold the same button and the picture snaps – just like that.

Photo resolution is 1642 by 1642 pixels, while videos are captured at 1216 by 1216 pixels and 60 frames per second (twice what many competing brands offer) and both are high definition. With dual microphones, there’s a high degree of clarity in the audio capture. Voices come through loud and clear enough.

It’s easy to pair these glasses with your Snapchat account. And you can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for pairing purposes, which is very handy. Overall, Spectacle II camera glasses are as easy-to-use as it gets. But you’ll need to have either an Andriod phone or iPhone and the Snapchat app to make it work for you.

Water Resistant – and More

Spectacles 2 are built tough. That means they are definitely water resistant so you won’t have to worry. They can easily survive things like pool parties and wet weather. You can even take a photo or video a few feet underwater. Yes, you read that correctly. You can shoot with the camera actually fully submerged in water. That makes them much more than mere water resistant by all accounts. And it’s one more thing that sets these glasses apart from many others.

Spectacles two are designed to capture life from your perspective – at a moments notice. Just get out there and live. Then capture those moments freely.

You can automatically import both your Snapchat memories and camera roll on your iPhone. But keep in mind that things are designed to be used with Snapchat, so uploading there is a priority.

New and Improved

These classes are the second version of Spectacles made by Snap Inc. for Snapchat. Naturally, they’ve made several improvements, which makes owning a pair of Spectacles these days a worthwhile investment.

You can choose from three frame colors – Onyx, Ruby, and Sapphire. These colors are more subdued and appear to be less of a novelty item than the first generation of glasses released by Snap. They’re also lighter so little more comfortable to wear. Additionally, the charging case is slimmer and more compact – so it’s easier to toss the case and glasses in your handbag or backpack and bring them with you. Resolution is also improved, so the quality of the images is better.

Full Frontal Acknowledgement

As with the first version, the camera on Spectacles 2 is still on the right side and the LED status ring on the left. This LED lights up and serves as a cue when the device is recording and when a snap is about to end.

But it’s the front LED light that makes it obvious that you’re not recording surreptitiously. It lights up every time you’re recording, so those in front of you know right away. By the way, this feature cannot be disabled.

Set Up Is Easy

Setting up your Spectacles 2 camera glasses can be handled in a matter of minutes. Download the Snapchat app. Turn on Bluetooth and hold down the capture button on your Spectacles for seven seconds. Once paired, you’re good to go and any images or videos you shoot with your spectacles will be instantly downloaded to your Snapchat account, once you launch the app. You can then review your images and videos and post to your Snapchat as you see fit. After that, you can share them elsewhere or same them to an external device or hard drive.

Handy, Fun and Fast

What’s great about these camera glasses is that you don’t need to have your phone in order to capture content. Everything is stored on the device. So whether you want to go for a stroll, bike ride, or a quick swim, you always have the ability to capture photos and videos – as long as you have your glasses on. Just come back to your phone when you’re ready to upload all your footage.

Uploading content is lightning-fast. It takes less than three seconds per image or 10-second video to transfer the file to your social media account. Snapchat has updated the export function so you can now export images and videos in widescreen format or square format – your choice.

What Buyers Like Most About Spectacle 2 Camera Glasses

  • Internal flash drive means you don’t have to buy or fiddle with a separate micro SD card
  • Perfect companion device for active Snapchatters
  • Improved video quality makes these better than the first edition of Spectacles
  • Faster imports save time
  • Glasses are smaller, lighter and more comfortable to wear
  • Easy to set up and use and a ton of fun
  • Gives you a nice and unique ‘point of view type’ of video
  • Excellent for capturing events, holiday displays, walking around the city or bike riding
  • Allows your fans and friends to gain a glimpse of your real life experience through your eyes
  • Being able to see how much battery charge remains is useful
  • makes a great gift for an active Snapchatter in your life
  • Syncing up with your phone is quick and easy
  • Video quality is very good
  • Mostly hands-free footage
  • Able to use this at the pool, around the boat, in the water, or on the beach
  • Better quality images then many people can get from their smartphones
  • Look stylish and function perfectly
  • Good quality product – seems durable
  • Thinner lighter body design than before
  • Makes it ridiculously easy to snap footage
  • Fast video transfers

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes it can take time and test your patience fan to successfully pair the glasses to your phone (as can happen with any Bluetooth device)
  • A little pricey
  • Battery life could be better
  • Glasses can slide down the nose a little (these are noticeably heavier than regular sunglasses)
  • 30-second video maximum in 10 seconds segments is not long enough for some uses
  • Not the most comfortable pair of eyeglass cameras to wear for longer durations
  • Spotty connection issues
  • You must have Snapchat in order to use it and to download the media you capture

The Verdict

If you’re looking for something to use specifically for social media and Snapchat in particular – than Spectacle 2 camera glasses are for you. In fact, these are the best eyeglass cameras we’ve found for this purpose – and we tested out most of them.

On the other hand, if you’re not an active Snapchatter and you don’t plan to become one, you’re better off to choose one of our other options.

For what they do – these are amazing camera glasses. They offer a fun and intuitive way to share your life experiences in 10-second snips or quick snaps – at a time.

See today’s price for the Spectacles 2 Camera Glasses on Amazon


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