Uber – Making Public Transit Quicker

GPS Tracking Public Transportation

Public transit data has never been more important than it is today. People need to get from one point to another much more quickly, and this is only possible with the use of high-quality transit data such as the sort offered by companies like Uber and Moovit.

Hundreds of millions of people are using apps that offer this information as they move around.

That is why GPS tracking has gotten so serious, and also why companies are fighting for a chance to be the best options users have as they seek the most effective ways to move from one point to another regardless of the transportation options available to them.

Here is a look at Uber and its recently introduced public transportation tracking feature, as well as Moovit and what it has achieved as a major player in the public transit business.

Uber Public Transportation Tracking

The concept, implemented through an app, implies that taking public transportation might be better than ordering an Uber. Through this tracking system, people can find buses, trains, and rails that can get them where they are going at a greater level of convenience than Uber vehicles.

How Will The Uber Public Tracking Work​?

While using the feature, users will be in a position to know the ETAs on various forms of public transportation around them. This will allow users to make comparisons between these public transportation alternatives and an Uber.

The company admits that this will directly compete with Uber rides, and the company also says it is not the first time it has cannibalized its Uber taxis, which is why it has in the past supported Uber alternatives such as bikes and scooters.

What Is Moovit?

Moovit is based in Tel Aviv. It is mobility as a service (MaaS) provider that also offers a free transit app. The company has managed to become the leading transit services provider in the world for its many powerful features and a vast database on transit data.

Due to this data, the company has also attracted a lot of interest from other players in the industry who seek to offer their customers better quality transit services, for instance, Uber and Microsoft.

Moovit Has Partenered With Uber

To offer the public tracking capabilities, Uber has gotten into a partnership with Moovit; a company with data on more than 7,000 transit agencies.

The company has a history of getting into partnerships with public transportation agencies around the world. So, it is not surprising that it has forged a relationship with Moovit in order to help its customers get access to public transportation data that might help them travel with greater convenience than an Uber ride might offer.

Although all customers can see at the moment are route suggestions, in future, they might even be in a position to purchase tickets straight from the app including daily and monthly passes offered for various kinds of public transportation.

What Does Moovit Do?

The goal of Moovit is to provide solutions to disconnection gaps that exist with regard to transportation in public transit systems. The company, through its app, seeks to help its customers plan their trips more effectively than other navigation solutions can offer.

The app even allows input from community members to ensure there are no informational gaps for people moving from one place to another, regardless of whether they are going through places with properly mapped transit data or not.

Beyond that, the app seeks to show its users which transportation options are fastest among all the choices available to them. Moovit does this with the aim of helping its customers and public agencies create better transportation plans.

How Has Moovit Grown?

Moovit has grown phenomenally. Today, the company has operations in close to 100 countries.

It handles over 5 million trip plan requests and generates more than 40 million itinerary options for more than 300 million users in close to 3,000 cities around the world.

In addition to static data, the company also uses statistical and real-time public transportation data to offer its users various transit options.

What Is The Future Of Moovit?

Moovit desires a future whereby it makes urban mobility simpler for everyone all around the world. Their goal is to ensure that its customers get transit directions and other urban mobility options available to them.

The company is also getting into partnerships with companies like Uber and Microsoft to help them enhance the transportation capabilities offered through their apps.

In future, through what Moovit has to offer, people should have an easier time combining public transit, walking, ride-sharing, and even the use of scooters for more effective transits.

The company has adopted a community-driven approach to collecting important information that will help create the greatest transport data repository in the world with the aim of providing reliable transport data through to its customers either directly or through its partners.

What Is Multi-Modal Transit?

The Moovit multi-modal transit is real-time information offered within one app but covering a variety of transport options. This app does it better than any other alternative in the market.

Within the app, users will also have an option to see the available driving, parking, and public transportation options.

The handy feature will be powered by Moovit’s Transit APIs, which will show users everything from driving a car from a suburb to a nearby parking lot close to a transit station as well as taking public transportation into the city as well as options for completing the journey on foot or via a bike and scooter sharing.

How Does This Benefit The Passenger?

The multi-modal transit feature is great in that it will help reduce the level of congestion in cities and allow developers to develop more effective travel apps.

Location data has become more important today than it has ever been in history; as evidenced by the number of people who use the kind of services Moovit offers to customers in need of important transit data.

Although the world now has plenty of transit data offered through various kinds of navigation apps from companies like Uber and Moovit; improvements are still necessary to ensure users get all the transit options at their disposal.

People don’t just want to see if they can catch a bus or a taxi as they move from one location to another, but they also want to know if that is the best option for them at that very moment, and if not, what alternative should they use for faster and easier movement.

That is why the sort of GPS tracking offered by companies like Uber and Moovi has become so important.



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