OHO Video Camera Glasses – Crystal Clear Viewing For Both Photos and Videos

OHO Video Camera Glasses

Capture and preserve those special moments as they occur and create precious and lasting memories. These practical and comfortable OHO video sunglasses can help you do just that whether you’re driving, cycling, RVing, fishing – or whatever. Take these high-tech video glasses with you and preserve as much of those real-life experiences whenever you want.

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Tiny Camera – Big Picture Quality

It’s amazing to me the kind of genius technology product designers can pack into such a tiny area. In the case of these OHO video camera glasses, it’s a powerful 15-megapixel camera (better than most smartphones) that shoots stills and action videos with remarkable clarity. All this from a tiny, nearly inconspicuous lens built into the frame (just above the bridge of the nose) of these camera glasses. Cool? You bet it is.

Unlike a lot of sunglass video cameras, the OHO comes complete with a 16 GB micro SD card. So you’re ready to use it the moment it arrives – with no secondary purchases required. You could of course upgrade to a 32 GB micro SD card, should you choose to go for maximum storage the device can hold – but you’ll have to buy that as a separate purchase.

16 GB is plenty of storage space for most folks. Just remember to transfer your video files to your computer regularly. And clear the card of those files once you’ve downloaded them to your computer or a secondary storage device before you resume shooting.

Five Things You Need To Know About OHO Camera Glasses

  • The battery used by OHO is a lithium polymer battery. It’s built right into the glasses and is, therefore, not replaceable. But it can be charged over and over again with the included USB cable and any computer or USB wall jack. It only takes about an hour to go from a dead battery situation to one that’s fully charged and ready to go.
  • It’s capable of recording a 30 to 40 minute video clip on a single charge. But you can also use a power bank connected via the included USB cable to continually charge the battery as you record your videos.
  • The viewing angle of the OHO glasses measures 63 degrees wide – which is adequate for most video shooting requirements.
  • Yes, you can you use prescription lenses here. Simply take your glasses to any eyeglass shop, along with your prescription and have them fit the right lens precisely to your OHO camera glasses.
  • Customer support this company delivers is stellar. Clearly, these people are on the ball are responsive and eager to please in a timely manner. They provide the kind of customer service many of us have come to expect, yet seldom receive.

What really grabbed us as we tested out various versions and brands of camera glasses was the superior quality OHO delivered.

Both video and audio quality seems noticeably better than most buyers expect when buying this type of product – at least in the consumer market class.

It shocked us – especially considering how compact and affordable this pair of camera glasses actually are. If this is a trend thanks to constantly improving technology, we only hope it continues.

Are Camera Glasses Legal?

Camera Glasses are much like any other product on the market. Yes, they are legal. But how people actually use them is what makes the difference. Respect the privacy of others at all times and you should be good to go. But using any kind of “hidden camera” inappropriately can certainly land you in hot water in a hurry. If you never cross that line – you should have nothing to worry about.

Always ask permission before capturing video and/or audio recordings of other people. It’s a matter of remembering the golden rule.

There may be times when you need to go into stealth mode as a matter of protection for yourself or someone close to you. This can help you to collect hard evidence. It could very well be evidence that if you didn’t have – getting a person charged, convicted, or otherwise moving closer to a resolution would be more difficult – or impossible.

Privacy Laws

Keep in mind that in the USA, privacy laws are a state matter. There’s no one law that applies across the country when it comes to privacy issues. Many states have laws on the books about where cameras cannot be used – like change rooms and restrooms. Other countries have different laws. It’s a good idea to know the law in your area.

What Most People Do

Thankfully, most people purchase camera glasses like the ones OHO offers to capture and record themselves, family and friends at various events and outings. Many prefer to record their travels – whether by car, motorcycle, bicycle, – even parasail. Wearable cameras make it easy to document everything you see with your eyes. Then, when you watch the recording, you’ll likely notice additional things too – things you didn’t catch when you were shooting live.

Hidden Cameras

The frame of the OHO video glasses conceals the camera quite well. Unless you were looking for a camera lens specifically, you might not even notice it. For covert operations of all kinds, the OHO could be a useful piece of equipment to own.

It’s not just police forces and private investigators who use devices like this in certain situations. For example, it could be helpful in day-to-day situations when dealing with difficult people. Some buyers like to wear their OHO camera glasses while driving. In this way, it can serve as a dash cam, capturing the action on the road and at intersections.

When You’re Busy Doing Other Things

Camera glasses are especially useful when you need your hands for other things, like making hands-on instructional videos on gardening or making crafts. It’s a great way to record family events like reunions and holiday gatherings you host – since you’re probably busy doing many different things simultaneously. It’s a terrific way to record kids sporting events and music recitals or theatrical performances. Oh and they’re ideal for family trips and exploring new hiking trails and capturing it all as you go – in a hands-free way.

How Easy Is It To Use The OHO Camera Glasses?

Operations are very easy with the OHO’s simple button control. Activate the record switch and you’ll feel a vibration alert. This signals your recording has begun. A slightly different vibration is felt in photograph mode. So you can fully operate it without taking your eyes (and the camera’s view) away from the subject or you want to be captured.

Are OHO Glasses Water Resistant?

While not waterproof, these eyeglasses are splash-proof and water resistant. Oho also makes a waterproof version of these glasses. You can find them here. With those ones, you can literally shoot videos underwater. Just be sure to dry your glasses thoroughly afterward. I’m not sure about saltwater though – so use at your own risk.

A little bit of moisture is fine. These OHO glasses can handle it. but you don’t want to purposely get them wet.

OHO Camera Glasses

Switch Them Out For Prescription Lens

If you want to switch out the sunglass lenses for prescription lenses, you can take these to any qualified eyeglass shop and have prescription lenses custom cut to fit the frame.

If you’d rather not do that – then simply leave them simply as sunglasses. It is possible to place these glasses on top of your prescription glasses. But the fit and comfort level can vary widely. It really depends on how small and compact your prescription glasses are.

Even More Benefits

OHO lenses are also polarized and offer full UV protection. The fact that it’s easy to use and captures both videos and still images is a huge plus too.

Another standout feature of the OHO glasses with the camera is the built-in image stabilizer. It’s another thing that makes these camera glasses stand out from the rest of the pack. For action shots, the image stabilizer makes a world of difference in the quality of your results

It’s terrific that you can record videos and take photos with the same pair of glasses. But the fact that both photos and videos are surprisingly clear (thanks to the 15th-megapixel camera inside) that makes this a standout product in the camera glasses market.

One added advantage of the OHO sunshine video and still image camera sunglasses is that despite the technology packed inside, the frame remains relatively lightweight. So you can wear these for a long period of time without experiencing added pressure on your nose or ears. The frame is also impact resistant so it should hold up to long-term use.

As with all camera glasses in this price range, it is best to use them outdoors in natural lighting. It can record and capture videos and photographs in low lighting. But the quality of the image suffers in quality somewhat as the lighting diminishes.

What’s In The Box?

  • One pair of video glasses with video and still image capture capability
  • One micro USB cable (to connect glasses to a power source for recharging and to download files)
  • One carrying case for your sunglasses
  • One charger
  • One microfiber cleaning cloth
  • One floating strap

One thing to keep in mind is that the USB cable supplied is not a common, everyday USB cable. This one is an eight pin model and therefore you might not be able to readily find a replacement easily. You can’t just use any charging cable as a universal solution – so you won’t want to misplace the one that ships with your OHO product.

What Buyers Like About OHO Camera Glasses

  • Captures clear quality action videos and still photos
  • Ideal for action videos like trail riding (image stabilization minimizes jerky movements)
  • Glossy finish on the frame helps conceal the camera quite effectively (with many other sets of camera glasses, the camera is more visible and easily detected)
  • Fashionable and stylish design that looks like a quality pair of designer shades
  • Nice, comfortably-fitting glass frames that fit well to the face
  • Durable and lightweight (substantial enough to be strong without being heavy)
  • Relatively easy-to-use (charge the battery, put the glasses on, power up and record)
  • Captures virtually everything you see with its point of view focus
  • The lens can be swapped for prescription lenses
  • Fast battery recharging compared to other models
  • Caring customer support helps resolve problems quickly and keep customers happy

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • The camera seems to be located slightly above your line of sight (this means you’ll need to tilt your glasses down a little bit in order to film the subject or scene and get an accurate account of what you see with your eyes)
  • Lacks a Bluetooth connection (downloading requires the use of the included micro USB cable)
  • Short battery life means frequent recharging
  • Maybe a little on the expensive side relative to some makes
  • When recording, the light blinks on the inner side of the frame (in a darkened environment – this can stand out and be a little annoying)


If you’re looking for a one device suits all applications, these OHO video sunglasses make an excellent choice. They shoot both still photos and action shots – with equally stellar results.

This means that you can count on crisp, clean video and snapshots – whether you’re hiking, fishing, rock climbing, bird-watching, skateboarding, exploring new hiking trails, playing Frisbee, or heading out into the country on your motorcycle. For those who like to enjoy the great outdoors and lead an active lifestyle – this is a pair of camera glasses worthy of your attention.

What makes it an excellent choice for active individuals and families is the built-in image stabilizer that reduces the up and down and side to side movement experienced on a bumpy waterfront trail. That’s what makes the OHO the perfect pair of camera sunglasses for capturing fluid motion and action shots – without fear of losing them due to the challenges of motion photography.

While the range is not as wide as it is on some units, the OHO has a wide enough field of vision for capturing precisely what your eye sees and focuses on. And with the 15-megapixel camera – those video recordings and still shots are much clearer and smoother than you get with many other devices in the same price range.

All things considered, the price is actually quite reasonable compared to the flexibility and functionality provided.

See today’s price for the OHO Video Camera Glasses on Amazon


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