Miota Camera Glasses Offer More With Bluetooth Functionality

Miota Camera Glasses

Interested in capturing more of those special moments of your life with a miniature – practically invisible – a camera that fits inside your sunglasses? Then you might want to strongly consider the Miota camera glasses. This inconspicuous device captures your life as you live it – with as much as 80 minutes of recording time.

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Preserve More Memories

Get out there and live life to the fullest. Just remember to bring these Miata video camera sunglasses along with you for the ride. It will provide proof of all those good times you have with full documentation of all of life’s most memorable moments.

The thing is… most of us are seldom prepared to capture the magic in real time as it occurs. We see something and then reach for our phones or cameras. Then it takes a few seconds more – at best – to prepare your camera to shoot live footage. But when you wear these Miota hd glasses as you would any pair of designer shades – you’re just a single click away from making memories.

A Short Learning Curve

New users of camera glasses face a bit of a learning curve if they want to create quality videos that can be easily watched. The tendency is to simply wear your glasses and move your head as you normally would. But this can lead to jerky videos that are difficult to view. After a few practice runs, you’ll begin to get the hang of it.

Using this cool technology is a lot of fun. It may not be perfect. But the video quality Miota glasses delivers is pretty darned good – especially considering the consumer-friendly price.

Life Made Easier

Miota makes it easy. You can shoot video quickly and with ease. You can transfer captured files wirelessly by pairing your Bluetooth. No Bluetooth, no problem, you can also transfer videos file via the included USB cable too. Most other competing camera glasses offer only USB downloading capability. Very few provide the added capability to do it all wirelessly – Like Miota does.

Take Phone Calls and Listen To Music

But that’s not all having Bluetooth functionality on your camera glasses does for you either. Paired with your iPhone or android smartphone, you can actually take phone calls as you go about your day. There’s also the option of listening to your favorite tunes with the included headphones as your sunglasses shoot video recordings from your actual range of view.

Imagine going for a bike ride through a beautiful park on a gorgeous day. You’re connected, so you’re always in touch. And as you’re taking in all the scenery and enjoying the music, you’re capturing it all on video and creating a recording you can cherish forever. It’s living life as it was meant to be lived.

Miota Camera Glasses

Five Things You Need To Know About Miota Camera Glasses

  • The battery built-in to this pair of Miota camera sunglasses is a 430MAH lithium polymer battery designed for extended battery life.
  • Fully charged, this battery is capable of providing 60 to 80 minutes of continuous video recording time before requiring a charge. This is one of the longer ranges available in this consumer-friendly price range and it allows for longer video capture times.
  • Miota uses a wide angle, high definition, 65-degree lens.  Video is captured at 1920 by 1080p and at a speed of 30 frames per second.
  • Yes, it really does allows you to answer phone calls by pairing your hd sunglasses with your iPhone or Android device. It’s hands-free connectivity as your capture live video from your line of vision.
  • Yes, it plays music too. By connecting your music source – via your phone or tablet – and using the included headphones you can listen to music through your sunglasses as you record video.

Miota also offers a 12 month warranty. That’s significantly more protection than a lot of competitors provide.

What Can You Use Camera Glasses For?

Camera glasses are designed to go with you wherever you go, so you can record life’s moments in real time and preserve them forever. Keep in mind that most of these cameras operate best in natural light – so there are definitely at their best during daylight hours.

You can wear them as you drive your car, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, dirt bike, go-kart or snowmobile. They are great to take on nature walks through conservation areas, river trails, and state and national parks. Camera glasses are an excellent way to capture memories at family get-togethers, or simply when you’re with your kids or grandkids at the neighborhood playground.

Legalities of Camera Glasses

Are camera glasses legal? Yes – of course they are. It’s how and where and with whom you choose to deploy these magical recording devices where the question of legalities comes into play. USA, privacy laws are governed by the individual states and not by the nation as a whole.

If you’re in doubt, it’s always best to research the actual laws in your area and talk to an attorney if you want to play it safe. Several states and other international jurisdictions have banned the use of any kind of camera in places like fitting rooms, rest rooms and locker areas – and that’s a good thing.

If it seems even a little creepy – avoid it at all costs. If you plan of filming other people, ask for permission first. Recording conversations without informing those involved may be considered an invasion of privacy.

But there may be times when having visual or auditory proof of someone acting inappropriately may be your most effective tool in bringing them to justice. And police and private investigators use these recording devices at times – so why wouldn’t anyone be allowed to do so? The bottom line is – there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to camera glasses.  

Hidden Cameras Can Cause Issues

With most of these video recording glasses, the camera lens itself is not particularly obvious to everyone. Unfortunately, this invites a multitude of opportunities for use that would be questionable from a moral and ethical point of view – if not from a legal one.

These cameras are not meant for nefarious purposes. They are intended mostly as a tool of convenience and practicality. But having video documentation as back up  -should you ever need it – is not a bad thing. But remember, it’s probably a good idea to ask permission when video recording other people.

How Do Camera Glasses Work?

These are point and shoot video recorders. But in the case of these point of view cameras, your target is whatever you are looking at. These camera glasses are best suited for practical recordings of family events, or while traveling in any way, shape, or form, including – canoeing, snowboarding, or riding your bike.

Controls are more obvious on the Miota than on other camera glasses. So if you plan to do some heavy duty private eye work – these may not be the best option for that particular use.

What’s The Charing Time?

Generally speaking, it takes about two hours for a full charge. While charging, there’s a red LED indicator light that remains on. Once the battery has been fully charged, it stops charging automatically. When it’s fully charged, the light turns blue.

All operations are controlled by those four buttons that are located on the top of the arm of the glasses. Frankly, it can take a few tries to get used to these buttons and their specific functions. But when you do, it puts you in complete control of the device and naturally, the resulting video captures will be much more to your liking.

What About Styling and Comfort?

Miota’s camera sunglasses offer a stylish, fashionable design. They look like designer sunglasses –  with one exception. These have wider than typical arms which house the sophisticated, yet miniature electronics. And yes – you could change these sunglass lenses to prescription lenses. That makes them much more useful to anyone who already wears glasses or contact lenses.

They’re also water resistant, so a little exposure to wetter than normal conditions should be fine. Just don’t purposely get them wet, or you risk irreparably damaging your camera glasses. Miota glasses deliver UV protection from their polarized sunglasses. You’re getting a pair of quality sunglasses with a built-in camera that look great and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. And they’re easy-to-use once you get familiar with them.

What Do You Get In The Box?

  • One pair of Bluetooth-enabled camera sunglasses
  • One black soft storage bag
  • One microfiber cleaning cloth
  • One set of earbuds
  • One USB cable charging / transferring
  • One user’s manual

New and Improved

Miota Camera Glasses

Miota has added an upgraded chipset to provide longer-term video capture. In fully charged mode, you should be able to record your videos continuously for anywhere from 60 to 80 minutes. This is a significant upgrade from the earlier model.

Save What You Capture

This device can handle micro SD cards up to 32 GB in size. Whatever card size you choose, you need to keep an eye on storage. When it becomes full and you continue videotaping, the Miota will overwrite the oldest file first. So you need to save your recordings periodically to your laptop or other device.

Once a video file has been loaded to your computer, you can view it in any compatible video viewing software. Video playback is in AVI format and we recommend the free VLC media player.

Two Transfer Options Makes This Pair More Versatile

With the Miota eyeglass camera, there are two ways to transfer the video files you’ve just shot. You can do it but via USB cable – which is the way almost all of the camera glasses in this class transfer files. Or, you could also do it wirelessly via Bluetooth

What Buyers Like Most About Their Miota Camera Glasses

  • Works perfectly as a hands-free outdoor camera
  • Quality of the video and audio is very good (videos are surprisingly clear and crisp – better then most buyers expect)
  • Bluetooth functionality allows you to listen to music and connect to your phone
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Operational buttons are rubber coated and raised up slightly (this makes them easy to find and instantly accessible)
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Fair price considering all you get
  • Fast to recharge (unlike some models, it doesn’t take an ridiculous amount of time to regain battery power)
  • They look just like regular sunglasses
  • Hand free point of view video (it’s great for those of us with shaky hands)
  • Miota glasses fit well (and they don’t look silly like some of those action cameras people wear strapped to their heads)
  • Quality build (feels well-made and solid – not like a cheap novelty)
  • Good choice for fast action videos like snowboarding
  • Great for capturing live video footage (without having to awkwardly hold your phone or worry about managing an external camera)
  • 12-month warranty provides peace of mind
  • more than adequate storage capacity (via an external 32 GB micro SD card purchased separately)

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • It’s not as invisible as some camera glasses and therefore, probably not the best choice for covert operations. (One simple workaround for stealth, undercover work is to use the headset with the camera. Doing so will create the illusion that you’re listening to a built-in MP3 player rather than shooting videos)
  • Bluetooth connection can be spotty at times
  • Battery life is not as long as some buyers would like (what battery is, really?)
  • wide view of lens could be improved

The Verdict

If you’re one of those people who never seems quick enough or coordinated enough to get your phone camera out at that perfect opportunity, wearing a camera lens between the eyes of your glasses is an excellent alternative.

Miota makes a quality product and the added Bluetooth capacity makes it even more appealing. Though there are unlimited potential ways to use these Miota camera glasses, they are particularly useful for recording action videos. This means taking them along with you as you ride – irrespective of your method of choice.

Check out today’s price for the Miota Camera Glasses on Amazon


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