Kmare Camera Glasses – Much More Than Meets The Eye

Kmare Camera Glasses

Looking for a terrific pair of camera glasses that are as fashionable as they are functional? If so, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all Kmare video glasses have to offer. And the reasonable price means they are within the reach of most people.

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What you’re getting with Kmare represents top value for your hard-earned money. To get a better pair of hd glasses with a quality camera built-in – you should be prepared to spend at least a couple hundred dollars more.

Style and Function

Kmare offers a slick, stylish design of eyeglasses that provide complete UV eye protection. And the HD video it reliably shoots is top notch. Surprisingly in this price range, the audio is surprisingly clear, though a little muted. It’s an easy way to capture a variety of life’s special moments – in a hands-free way. No longer will you have to fumble around for your phone hoping to get it set up and recording quickly – so you don’t miss a thing.

Shoots in 10 Minute Sets

It’s all there for you – right on your head – when you’re wearing your Kmare camera sunglasses. One click and your HD recording has begun. Each video it captures, is saved in a 1 to 10 minute sets. You can determine the length you want in advance. Planning to record for half hour or more? No problem. Set your recording clip time to 10 minutes and capture it in three separate videos.

While some folks object to dividing up longer video time this way, others claim it’s easier to go back to those special moments – like when that giant moose came out of the bushes and casually crossed the road in front of me. Oh how I wish I had these camera glasses back then.

Five Things You Need To Know About Kmare Camera Glasses

  • Battery life – most users find they get about one hour of continuous recording time with a fully-charged battery.
  • Viewing angle Kmare offers a 75° viewing angle – which captures a span similar in width to an image in portrait format – so it sees clearly everything in front of you. Kmare also offers a wider angle lens. If a wide-angle video capture suits you – we recommend this pair of camera glasses.
  • Kmare offers wonderful customer support. Clearly, this company cares and intends to be in the game for long time to come. That’s a good thing because as with any tech tools – they are sometimes prone to unexplainable glitches.
  • Video and audio quality – excellent HD quality video and clear audio. These glasses are designed to work optimally in daylight and that’s exactly what they do. The quality and clarity of the video image is diminished in direct proportion to the lighting. But the sound remains clear at all times.
  • Kmare records in 10 minute maximum increments – one thing you don’t want is endless footage of dead air. Choose your moments and capture them all in glorious detail. 10 minutes is enough in many situations. But when it’s not, simply keep recording those 10 minute segments continuously. Just beware of the battery and storage limitations of your device.

Are Camera Glasses Legal?

Yes, it is legal to own and operate camera glasses. Privacy laws are a state-mandated responsibility and vary from state to state in the USA. It’s best to learn about the law in your particular area. But as long as you respect the privacy of others and ask for permission before recording someone else, you should be good to go.

How Do These Camera Glasses Work?

You simply wear your KMare’s like any pair of sunglasses. With a simple click of a button – you’re recording whatever you see in front of you. It’s pretty cool capturing all you see on a nature trail, for example.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

Typically, it takes two to three hours for a full charge – according to the manufacturer. Some past buyers reported that it could take up to about five hours.

Kmare Camera Glasses

With Kmare camera glasses, the video format it stores is .MOV files. It’s recommended that you use the VCL media player when playing back these videos on your PC. Videos are recorded to an SD card. You then remove the card and insert it into your computer for playback.

How Do You Use These Camera Glasses?

Kmare offers one button control and that button is located on the left side of the frame. This gives you total control of what you capture at any moment. Turn it on by pressing the button once and then start recording. The Blue LED indicator light blinks tells you it’s recording. A second click stops the recording. At this point, the blue light remains constant indicating the device is in standby mode.

When there’s a glitch, use the handy reset button located next to the USB plug-in. That can help you reboot your device when it has stopped working properly. It’s a useful feature (one other models lack) to have when an unexpected technical snafu occurs.

Water Resistant

While not waterproof,  Kmare camera glasses are splash-proof and water resistant. They can handle a little moisture on occasion. But you want to keep them dry as much as possible to protect the delicate electronics inside. Unlike some products we tested, these glasses tend to stay in place longer, without sliding down the nose. They’re also polarized to offer maximum UV eye protection.

What’s Inside The Box?

  • Kmare 1080P video camera hd sunglasses
  • One glass storage case
  • One USB power cord and adapter
  • One soft, microfiber cleaning cloth
  • One user manual

If quality video and audio recording is what you’re after, you’ll find it here. One-button operation means that simplicity is the norm. Simply turn it on and automatic video recording begins. The indicator light is on the inner left arm and flashes when it’s recording and remains solid when in standby mode.

Quality Fashionable Eyewear

One standout feature is the stylish and elegant design. They’re made of high-quality rubber material – which feels more comfortable and durable than the ABS plastic you see on most sunglasses.

Whatever you’re doing in your adventurous life, wearing these Kmare camera sunglasses can help you capture it and preserve it forever. Whether you’re scaling a cliff, biking through the mountain range, or skiing down the slopes, why not capture it all in living color?

Perfect For Riding

The line of sight of the Kmare camera lens is just a little bit higher than your natural line of sight. This is often the case when glasses are outfitted with glasses. But this slightly offset camera view makes it an excellent choice to wear on a bike, go-kart, or motorcycle – even in the car – as it shoots just slightly in front of you.

When shooting elsewhere, you have to remember what you want to record and lower your head slightly. This is true for most glasses in this price range. With practice – it gets easier and the result is a more accurate capture of what you see with your eyes.

If this lens view is not for you – there’s another model here that has a tilting view – so you can adjust it perfectly.

Recording Video In Components

Once you press the on button, this camera will begin to record immediately and it will save your videos every 1 to 10 minutes whatever you set as your preference. It will stop recording when that time runs out. So you need to become comfortable and familiar with the record button – so that you don’t miss a thing.

If you want to record an hour for example, you’ll need to set the record clip time to 10 minutes. You can then keep recording and it will save your video files in six separate files. Every 10 minutes (maximum) a new file is created. Recording will not stop until you press the button again or the battery runs out.

The fact that these videos are broken up into segments of a maximum of 10 minutes in duration may be a little inconvenient for shooting a larger video – like your child’s soccer game – it’s actually a good feature. How? Since each video clip is saved as a separate recording and preserved, it’s actually easier to go back and find specific segments of any video you shoot. And you never have to worry about losing all your footage, should a technical error occurred.

Loop Recording

If you change the settings to loop recording, the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest files, once the memory becomes full. To protect losing recorded content – make sure you upload your videos frequently.

Whatever you record is automatically saved as long as there is space on the micro SD card. It remains there until you move it, delete it, or choose to override it by loop recording.

One Size Fits Most (Not All)

These glasses are made to fit an average size face. It doesn’t fit every face though – no pair of glasses could. So there might be some adjustment required with small pads on the bridge of the nose to provide a better and more comfortable fit.

Kmare’s customer service is excellent. This company is responsive and very helpful. It’s clear that their objective is to ensure a satisfactory experience for as many buyers as possible.

What Buyers Like Most About Kmare Camera Glasses

  • It’s high definition 1080p video quality – and it’s excellent
  • Audio quality is very good
  • Glasses are comfortable and snug (they tend to stay on the face without sliding off better than some other brands)
  • Lenses are polarized and of good quality – good protection against the harsh glare of the sun
  • Frames are coated in a comfortable soft rubber material (not cheap plastic)
  • Overall workmanship and design is superb
  • A worthwhile pair of camera glasses in the hands of a skilled videographer (and those who hope to be)
  • Easiest glasses to start the recording process
  • Recharging the battery is a simple procedure
  • 32 GB micro SD card and double the storage space a standard 16 GB card supplies
  • Cool-looking sunglasses with added functionality
  • Camera lens is hidden pretty well – making this a good pair of camera glasses for stealth operations
  • Clear video quality in daylight hours (but starts to suffer in low light conditions)
  • Point of view video recording capability has multiple applications (perfect when visiting a potential property – whether it’s a house you’re thinking of buying, or an RV park you’re considering for a 30-day stay while your family visits Myrtle Beach
  • Easy to setup the glasses and quickly understand and operate them
  • Playback of video and audio is a broadcast quality
  • Lens is barely noticeable – looks pretty much like another pair of designer shades
  • Camera seems to not be affected by direct sunlight
  • Quick charging capability gets you back up and recording without undue delay
  • Crisp color and sharp pictures and when viewed in playback mode on a computer
  • Nice sporty design and sturdy frame – perfect for people with an active lifestyle
  • Lighter than expected (though a little bit on the bulkier side, thanks to the electronics inside)

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like About Kamre’s Glasses With Camera

  • Some claim the build quality is not as rugged as they would like
  • Poor directions (it’s not difficult to figure out – but the instructions were confusing and really didn’t provide much help)
  • Camera is aimed a little too high (so you need to make a manual adjustment to more accurately capture in the video camera what you seem with your eyes)
  • If your head is slightly on the narrow side – these glasses might be a little too big for you
  • The flashing blue recording light can get irritating – particularly in low light

The Verdict

When style and function are both important functions, it’s not an easy task to find one solution that satisfies in both areas. But these video camera glasses do. They’re designer shades that look great on anyone. But where they really shine is in the crisp, clear recordings they capture.

Recordings are easy. Just look in the right direction and with the click of a button – you’re capturing it all in full color. It couldn’t be easier. And at the consumer-friendly price – these Kmare camera glasses warrant a serious look.

See today’s price for the Kmare Camera Glasses on Amazon


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