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AngelSense is a uniquely crafted self-contained kids GPS tracker with the goal of being an extra pair of eyes and ears for parents and bring them a greater sense of security. With the device, you’ll be able to know where your child is located at any time; you’ll also be able to listen in to their surroundings.

In this article we’ll take a further look into what the AngelSense tracker has to offer, its design, how it can help children with special needs. We’ll also give you our overall thoughts about this device.

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5 Things You Need to Know

Specially designed to create a safe world for both children and children with special needs, you’ll feel at ease with the comprehensive features that the AngelSense tracker has. Here are 5 things you need to know about this kids GPS tracker.

AngelCall, two-way communication

The AngelSense tracker comes with the unique feature of two-way voice communication. What’s great about this, is that your child won’t need to press a button to accept your call. Instead, the call will automatically connect after a number of rings. With this feature, you’ll be able to talk to your child at any time to check in on them, guide them, or calm them down. Since most parents won’t be giving their children a cell phone at such a young age, the device can also serve as a replacement for an effective form of digital communication.

AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker

Wide cellular coverage

While plenty of other GPS trackers only work with certain cellular carriers, the AngelSense tracker works throughout the entire USA and Canada. You also won’t need to go through the hassle of connecting your device to your cellular service. You can choose to get a tracker from AngelSense that works with either AT&T or Verizon. Similarly, in Canada, the device would work with the Rogers network. You won’t have to worry about the device using your data either since an independent AngelSense system does all tracking updates.

With the wide cellular coverage, you can receive accurate, live updates of your child’s route and location in a simple 30-second interval diary format. You will also receive an instant alert if your child hasn’t left school or any other regularly visited place. The device location is so accurate that you can even know how fast someone was driving if your child wears the device in a car. The primary guardian can edit who is authorized to call the device, and the AngelSense subscription includes 60-minutes of call time.

Sufficient battery life

With 18 hours of battery use, you’ll be able to use it throughout the course of the day with no issues. AngelSense can also email or text you when the battery level falls below 20 percent. Just remember to charge the device every night. If you’re afraid that you’ll forget, AngelSense can send you a daily alert to remind you to charge the device.

AngelSense also has a voice alert that will let you know when the device is plugged in and charging. Since the AngelSense device functions more like a cell phone rather than a battery device, you need to ensure that it’s sufficiently recharged every night.


The listen-in feature allows you to hear who your child is with and ensure that they’re being treated kindly. It’s a discrete feature that lets you know what’s going on near your child. While it works similarly to the AngelCall feature, the difference is that there’s no ringtone or alert.

While certainly a helpful feature, you should be tactful when using this feature with a school-aged child. In such instances, it would be best to coordinate with the school administrators on appropriate use during the day. If needed, the company also provides downloadable form letters that describe the rationale and capabilities behind the listen-in feature which would be handy in informing both caregivers and school officials. You can also disable the listen-in feature when needed.

Kids GPS Tracker Backpack

Sensory friendly design

Either than being suited for children with sensory sensitivities, the device also comes with a tamper-proof design so you won’t have to worry about your child removing or destroying the device. In order for the device to be removed from your child, you’d need to use a special pin and key system that comes with the AngelSense device. Since the tracker can only be removed with a key, it also acts as a layer of security and assurance. There’s also a heavy plastic case that’s extremely durable and can withstand any tampering from itchy hands. Its durability also means that the device is encased in a sturdy, water-resistant case and has a GPS monitor that’s designed to be able to take a few hits.

Unlike watches where you have to wear it on your wrist, the AngelSense tracker can be worn in multiple ways. If you’d like, you can also purchase additional removable accessories for the GPS device. You can also easily attach the AngelSense tracker to clothing or kids backpacks with the magnetic pins. Alternatively, you can also use the belt to secure the tracker around your child’s waist. Either way, your child won’t be able to remove the tracker without your assistance.

How Does It Help With Wandering Children?

In the early years, children are especially curious and may end up wandering around. If your child wanders off too far, they could end up in an unfamiliar place and be susceptible to danger.

To mitigate this issue, the AngelSense tracker comes with geofencing. With geofencing, you can set up boundaries and receive alerts if the device ends up crossing those boundaries that you’ve predetermined. That way, you can easily know when your child has wandered out of a predetermined area. These capabilities make the AngelSense tracker ideal for monitoring your child’s day to day location in a detailed and precise manner.

You can also set alarms at certain times that can notify you if the AngelSense device doesn’t cross the line of a zone at that specific time. For example, if your child is supposed to be somewhere else after school at 2 pm but hasn’t gotten there yet, you’ll get an alarm notifying you.

Size Of The Tracker
Kids GPS Tracker Sleeve

The tracker isn’t overly large and weighs just a little more than five ounces.  Generally, the AngelSense tracker is similar in both weight as well as size to that of a smaller touchscreen phone. Due to the thicker nylon sleeve, however, the device might appear a little bulkier.

The tracker is protected by a water-resistant cover that’s made of silicone . The touch screen lighting of the device only lights up when the power button is pressed and held. The sleeve has a pair of fasteners and an opening at the bottom for a USB charging cable.

There are three ways to wear the tracker depending on your preference. The GPS sleeve is the most versatile wearing option as it attaches anywhere, the GPS belt is discrete and allows for frequent clothing changes, and there’s also a GPS compression shirt that allows for physical activity

Better Piece Of Mind With This Kids GPS Tracker

The tracker works with a free application you can download on your phone or a desktop browser. At any time, the AngelSense application will show you everything you need to know from your child’s location to where they’re going.

The map will show you where they’re currently at, the distance and direction between yourself and your child, direction, and speed if your child is in transit and the ability to add a safe boundary to specific locations.

Runner Mode

What runner mode does, is that it essentially boosts the frequency of GPS tracking so you’ll get more updates of where your child is currently at. The map will update every 10 seconds and send the last known location of your child on a map. With this specially designed runner mode, you can get reliable child exit alerts and directions to your child.

If you don’t want to use runner mode, you can send out an alert to first responders that you’ve designated along with a link for them to track your child or activate a softer or louder alarm on the device.

Indoor Tracking

Many GPS devices run into issues of not being able to track indoors due to spotty connections. With AngelSense, the device supports Wi-Fi so you can easily connect to the Wi-Fi connections in schools or shopping malls to keep track of your child. The Wi-Fi also helps to ensure that the GPS readings are accurate and timely.

Being able to pinpoint your child in indoor locations is important just in case your child wanders off. With the indoor search, you’ll be able to know which part of the school, mall or any other indoor building your child’s at.

Great For Children With Special Needs
Kids GPS Tracker

AngelSense was created by a parent who could not find a source of technology that could provide the safety and reassurance that his autistic son needed. Hence, you can be assured that AngelSense is great for children with special needs. It’s the only GPS tracking device for children with sensory sensitivities.

The AngelCall feature is great for special needs children that can’t use a calling device. You can easily speak to your child without them having to press a button or pick up a receiver. These calls can be made by a parent or caregiver and can help provide comfort to children with special needs.

The listen-in feature of AngelSense is also helpful for special children that may be suffering from bullying. With this feature, you can listen-in to make sure your child is safe while visiting a different setting or when they’re in transit.

When you purchase your kit, you can also have a personal session with a customer service agent that’s also a mom. These individuals are also special need parents who would be better able to understand your situation. They’ll walk through the device and the best way to use it for your child.

Most children who wear AngelSense also feel more secure and independent. After wearing the device for some time, it’ll become part of the child’s regular clothing thus making it easier for children with special needs to cope with the change.

What Do You Get With This Device?

The kit comes with an AngelSense GPS device that’s sealed inside a fabric sleeve, a magnetic key to remove the fasteners, two pre-attached fasteners and an extra one if you need it, a wall charger and USB charging cable, small instruction pamphlet, car decal for a special needs child and an AngelSense rubber bracelet.

Getting the device up and running is easy. All you’ll have to do is charge the AngelSense device to make sure that there’s sufficient battery. Thereafter, you have to enter your details into the GPS portal and answer some questions. These questions will help you get an idea of how long your child would take to get used to the device. Once that’s been completed, the AngelSense location will show up on a map through the application or website.

In settings, you can also add more caregivers. These caregivers would have the ability to access the same features that you do. Just in case of an emergency, you can also add a list of first responders such as law enforcement individuals or school officials. When an emergency occurs, they would be able to get a text message that contains a tracking link to your child.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of the AngelSense device are generally positive, and parents who have been using the AngelSense device have expressed that they have a better piece of mind since they’re able to know where their child is located and can find them easily. To them, AngelSense is like having another set of eyes and ears. Some parents have also expressed that other GPS systems have given them incorrect locations, but AngelSense has rectified that issue.

An issue that parents have expressed, however, is that AngelSense is not waterproof. If you’d like however, you can purchase a waterproof case to protect the AngelSense device. If you don’t have a waterproof case however, the device should not be submerged in water.

Our Thoughts

While the AngelSense tracker is generally very accurate in pinpointing the location of your child, it could be spotty in a very secluded area that has limited coverage. If your child happens to be in a very remote area, however, it will send a tracking beacon back to the application of where your child was last located – at least giving you a ballpark location.

AngelSense also has a range of discovery of about 100 feet which is common among GPS trackers. Concerning battery life, it can last for about 18 hours which is long enough to track your child for almost a full day. Charging is also easy, you just have to plug it in, and a voice will let you know that it’s charging so you won’t have to wonder if it’s connected. With AngelSense, you can also receive notifications in the form of mobile notifications or email. Notification types include arrival/departure, transit notifications, and nknown’ place notifications.

In terms of price, the AngelSense tracker goes for $79. Their monthly service plan which includes unlimited GPS tracking and 60-minute voice calls goes at $53 month. They also have a monthly plan at $40 a month for a yearly contract or $33.33 a month for a full year paid in advance.

Who Should Get This GPS Tracker?

Overall, the AngelSense GPS tracker is a fantastic buy and has one of the most comprehensive features that can be used for monitoring your child. If you have special needs children, the device would also be extremely helpful especially since it was specifically designed for children with special needs.

While it isn’t exactly the cheapest GPS system, you’re getting exactly what you pay for with incredible features. If you do choose to purchase this GPS system, however, make sure that you’re aware of both legal and privacy issues concerning the listen-in feature.

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