Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS Watch: the best in the market?

Owl Cole GPS Tracker For Kids

Are you looking for a GPS tracking device for your child that would actually work and would not disappoint you after one month of using it? Want to find something that your child would actually enjoy using it?

In this product review, I am going to share why this GPS tracking device for kids is worth your attention.

What the benefits are and how it works.  Everything you need to know before buying any GPS tracker for your child. After reading this you will be able to make a final decision and choose the right product for yourself and your child.

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Five Things You Need To Know About This GPS Tracking Device For Kids

OC - Kids GPS Tracker
  • Check the coverage. Before buying this watch, contact mobile operators in your city and ask if they provide 2G mobile network, if they do not provide a 2G network, this device will not work for you. If you live in the USA, you can check the 2G network on this Speedtalk Mobile website. Also the indoor residential for GSM 1900 has to be on or the tracking device will not work.

If you are going to use it in the United States of America, for the best experience they recommend to buy Speedalk SIM at T-mobile which costs around $5 per plan. Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS Watch works worldwide, however, you should contact their support for the further information.

  • Before using it, read user manual because there are certain steps that have to be followed if you want your watch to work properly. Before using it do not forget to recharge it!

After you will have to insert the sim card, do not forget that it has to be a 2G mobile network, then download a mobile application from Apple Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android. After installing the mobile app you will have to set your location, which is a very important step because if you choose the wrong location, the smartwatch will not work correctly.

Next, you will have to log in and set up settings such as adding phone numbers to the watch’s phonebook, setting device’s location, but do not forget to read the manual to learn how the device works to your kids. The user manual is very clear and easy to understand.

  • This watch has one very good feature – SOS panic button. If your child is in danger, he or she can press the SOS button on the tracking device and you will immediately receive SOS message and the best thing is that you can add up to 3 phone numbers who will receive SOS message at the same time.
  • Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS has two-way calling system, so whenever your child wants, he or she can call you. The call quality is really good. But before making any calls, you have to add the phone number to the phone book, otherwise, the call will not reach your child and your child also will not be able to call anyone. So better add relatives’ and friends’ phone number to avoid any future problems.
  • The last thing you need to know is that this device works with a lithium-ion battery which is already included. The battery’s standby is 2 days in suspend mode and 12-16 hours with moderate use, which actually performs way above my expectations and I usually charge it every 3 or 4 days.

The Owl Cole’s Connectivity Options

  • As I mentioned before, this GPS tracking device for kids work with the 2G mobile network, however, if you have a sim card that has this mobile network you can use an existing card, there is no need to buy a new one.
  • This watch does not have Bluetooth or Wi-fi connections, but honestly, I did not need them at all.

So How Does Kids GPS Tracking Work?

First of all, this device uses GPS to track the watch’s movements and set its location. So, you will be able to see your child’s actual location on the mobile application you downloaded. But despite that, Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS Watch records data and sends it to the same mobile application, so even if you were not able to check your child’s location in a real-time. You can do it later and see all the movement he or she made around the city.

It is also possible to activate functions like: sleep control, alarm, voice chat, you can even set that your child would not be able to use this device in the classroom, pedometer, history tracking, remote camera, SOS signal, a reward of love icon, learning game and many more.

If you want to use calling system, you will have to set the numbers on the device because it is impossible to call if the phone number is not listed in the Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS Watch.

If you want to make a call you can do it easily on the phonebook or press Key 2 and hold for few seconds, if you want to call SOS number you need to do it from the blue screen where you see the walking boy, not from the black screen. To cancel the call press key 2.

Useful Features Your Child Will Love

Owl Cole GPS Smartwatch For Kids
  1. This GPS tracking device for kids can be used as a walkie-talkie.
  2. Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS Watch also has a camera, so your child can take selfies and pictures at any time. The pictures will be stores on both watch and app, to do that your child will have to select an album – image – upload. Moreover, it has a remote camera and voice control so you can see and hear everything around your child.
  3. There is also a flashlight function that can be used at night or when necessary. To turn on the flashlight press key 1 for 2 times, to turn off – click key 1.
  4. As mentioned before, it has a tracker that shows your child’s activity and even if you cannot check it in a real-time, you will be able to check reports that are sent to the mobile app.

Is It Legal To Use GPS Tracking For Your Kids?

Yes, if your child is younger than 18 years old, it is completely legal. But for everyone’s safety, I recommend to talk to your child and tell him that this device has a tracking system, that you will be able to see his or her current location and also see and hear what is happening around him or her, so it would not make your child feel tricked.

What Else Comes In The Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS Watch Box?

The package includes smartwatch with battery, one USB cable to charge your GPS tracking device, one user manual, and one QR coupon so you will be able to download mobile application straight to your smartphone.

The Setup Process

As mentioned before, you should read the manual carefully and set up this device by yourself. The good thing is that the setup and activation are very easy.

After downloading a mobile app you have to scan the REG code which is placed on the back of the watch, be careful and do not confuse it with IMEI, then type your email address, your child’s name and create a password.

Next, select the language and choose your location between North America, South America, Europe and Africa, Asia and Oceania, Hong Kong. When the setup is completed just log in into the app with your login and username.

In the settings field, do not forget to add phone numbers because no one else will be able to call your child except the numbers that are listed in the phone book. After saving the numbers try to call and check if everything works properly.

The next step is to set your location, make sure you have a good signal. If it is less than 4 bars then go outside. Open the mobile application and click the location and it should show your child’s current position. That’s it, the watch is ready to use.

What Do Other Parents Think About This GPS Smartwatch?

Most of the parents left positive comments and recommendations. Some of them said that the battery is very good and even when they were using it aggressively for the whole day it just went down to 40%.

Others said that is a great product for children who are too young to have phones but they spend their time alone outside, so parents are calm and do not have to worry if their child is safe.

People say that the product is exactly as described and there are no unexpected errors or features that do not work in their area or on their phones. Also, customers shared their experience that the audio during the phone call is very clear and as I mentioned before, yes, it is really good for me as well.

I also found some bad reviews where parents had some struggles with setting device’s location and after contacting Owl Cole’s customer support, they received a new GPS tracking device but the problem remained with a new watch too. So at the end, who knows if parents were not able to set up settings or they were very unlucky and got two bad smartwatches in a row.

So, What’s The Verdict?

My verdict is that this Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS Watch product really fulfilled all the expectations and even more. The device itself works well and kids love it too.

What is good that you can set up email notifications and when your child changes his or her location you will receive to your email not only to your mobile application. However, customer support is not the best. I have tried to contact them several times, but the response was really “dry” and I was waiting for an answer more than a couple of days. It is quite annoying because the only ways you can contact them is on their website by submitting the form or by email, there is no phone number or live chat.

Do We Recommend The Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS Watch?

Yes, we do recommend to use it. We think it will bring the most value to the parents of younger kids who are not ready to have a phone yet but can easily use this smartwatch.

Its design is very nice and modern and what is very important that both girls and boys can wear it because it is unisex. The price-performance ratio is also very good. Ask yourself if you want to know where your child is, especially if she or he goes to school by himself/herself.

Another feature that is very important, is that nowadays children like to play with their phones during classes but with this GPS tracking device for kids, you set forbidden hours when your child is at school.

Owl Cole Kids Smart GPS Watch is water-resistant so your child does not have to take it off every time he or she takes a shower, which leaves us with more chances that your child will not leave it at home. I and my children are very happy with this device and when I cannot reach my children by phone I always check if they are there, where they are supposed to be.

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