Hardwired Trackmate DASH Car GPS Tracker: Reviewed

Trackmate GPS Car Tracker

Trackmate offers an impressive line of real-time hardwired gps trackers for cars that helps you to monitor and manage your vehicles, assets and loved ones.

In this review, you will learn about great and no so great features of the TrackmateGPS.  We will dive into it’s features,  capabilities and what previous buyers are saying about it.  To find out if this is the gps tracker for you keep reading.

This DASH GPS is a reliable tool that helps you to not only track but locate what most matters to you.  Trackmate also offers a web-based interface.  It helps you to meet your personal and business needs without a hassle.  DASH a great device when it comes to tracing a lost or stolen items.

This hidden tracker helps shines in it’s ability to monitor and manage the movement of company vehicles.  You logon via a web-app remotely to know what your employees are up to.

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Five Things You Should Know About GPS Trackers For Cars

1. The 3G capabilities of the DASH is what make this coverage possible.  With its worldwide coverage capacity, you can operate and track items in different locations and countries.  For the average user, you do not need large amounts of data.  A little of it does the job perfectly.  The DASH GPS tracker transmits updates every 60 seconds.

2. It can also use an external antenna which is about 9 feet in length.  DASH has been designed with the connectors on the outside of the unit.  Even with that, the DASH GPS tracker can be easily hidden or concealed, providing the required security that is needed.

3. Depending on your provider you could also qualify for an insurance discount.  Talk to your insurance broker to see if you quality.

4. DASH is easy to install, but just in case you are not sure of how to go about, you may require using the services of an installation shop.  Automotive shops have the tools to quickly do the installation for your vehicle.  This may set you back on the dollar, in terms of installation cost.

5. The GPS car tracker also comes with the capacity of tracking multiple of vehicles all at once.   So, it is actually easy to keep track of your drivers in many locations and know that all is well.  If they experience problems in their respective locations you are also able to get them necessary help.  For instance, giving directions in case they are lost or not sure of where they supposed to be going.  Or, transfer their exact location to emergency services or roadside assistance.


The DASH TrackmateGPS is 3G, 3.2×2.5x 1 inches in size and weighs just 5 ounces.  Being so lightweight, you can easily install it anywhere without a fuss.  The DASH can be easily concealed.  The geo-tracking feature in this device provides amazing capabilities when it comes to tracking both arrivals and departures.  You are able to know exactly when have arrived and left.

GPS Car Tracker Antenna

This, of course, allows you to run your office right from the comfort of your phone.  It’s also a great way of monitoring your vehicles in all locations.

The advanced features such as reports and history, that accompany this tracker makes it one of the most precise, reliable and accurate tracking tools available.

The device’s external antenna has the ability to connect to the satellites and provide instant information and feedback that enables you to make timely decisions.  This 3G device has been specifically designed with higher transmission speeds in mind.

The internal memory in the DASH is comes in handy especially in the remote areas that have limited or no signal at all.  It records all locations for you to view all history once you approach an area that has an active network.  Viewing user tracking information and data is easy and organized through the main map of the web interface.

Customer support is available and friendly too.  Support does it’s best to resolve the issues you have are addressed as soon as possible.  This is especially true during installation;  you get to have great support and step by step on how-to’s, as well as video guidance if you are installing it yourself.

The GPS car tracker’s internal backup battery is good given the size of the unit.  This is because it can last you up to six hours.  It also works to notify you when you are going low on the voltage on your vehicle’s battery.


The device’s geo-fencing feature creates room for enhanced security measures.  Generally, the geo-fencing alerts warn you when a unit or vehicle is coming or leaving the designated area.  But there are other alerts that come with this 3G device.

Alerting And Other Notable Features

Alerts such as inactivity alerts, which warn you that the unit never left or came into the designated area at the supposed time.  Another great alert is the power supply failure signal.  It serves to warn you of a disconnected device, or malfunction.  This lets you take the necessary restoration steps and within good time.

Alerts can be accessed via multiple platforms such as email or text message.  Making responding and notification easy.

Although the device comes in 3G coverage, it also has 2G coverage fallback plan and the benefits of such a plan are invaluable.  The fallback plan means that wherever you are, however weak the network reception is, and however old your smartphone is, you can still receive your feedback.

The problem with 3G is that its coverage could be limited in some areas.  This is not the case for 2G coverage.  Of course, the 2G download speeds are significantly lower compared to the 3G, but it serves a crucial purpose, nevertheless.

The sleep mode option for this device is a good addition to this unit.  This is because in that state the vehicle’s battery does not drain in the event it has been left inactive and not moving for prolonged periods.

Another plus with the TrackmateGPS trackers for cars device is the history playback.  The device stores history for as long as six months.  You can go back and retrieve crucial information.  You are able to get detailed information such as when the vehicle was started and also switched off.  Location, speed and direction the vehicle went among many other details that may be relevant to to you.

In the case of theft recovery of your vehicle, this device or any other item, the kill switch works wonders.  The car is easily disabled remotely via a website.

The customer support is also great, they are not only friendly but always ready, 24/7 to attend to your issues.


Most GPS trackers for cars including the DASH generate reports that can be used as reference points and for decision making.  Useful reports include total mileage traveled, maximum, average and minimum speed applied, hours of operation, and even inactive hours duration.  You also get reports on travel, indicating any and all stops, duration of these stops as well as the location where the stops occurred.

You also get information on fuel consumption.  All these data is great in helping you to monitor, evaluate and manage your assets.  The reports are also downloadable and can be printed allowing you to have evidence in dealing with problematic drivers.

If the unlikely happens and you miss an update interval, you can contact support through a direct phone call or via email.  They will quickly reset the device in no time at all.  If its technical problem such as the malfunction of the sim card, there is also the option of a replacement which comes free of charge.

What’s In The Box?

GPS Car Tracker Size

Trackmate GPS trackers for cars obviously stand out from the rest.  Its box is made of solid aluminum construction. It is not waterproof though, but you can get for it a waterproof case.

Customer service and support are always on hand to advise on the best options when it comes to waterproofing your device.  Apart from the case’s sturdy construction, the device is a high quality one.  This durability and can serve you for years.

The GPS tracker comes with everything that it needs to work out of the box.  From the antenna to cables, and back to the sim card, you get them all.  So once you make your purchase, you are all set and ready to go.

When it comes to power supply requirements, all you need to do is to connect the device directly to the car’s 12-24v power supply.  The power cord comes with an inline fuse, so, no other fuse is required.  The hard wired device works perfectly well once you connect it to the cars battery so it can draw power form the ignition.

Other Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for this GPS car tracker are quite impressive.  Most of the customers are happy with the performance and general ease of use of the device.  Most users are highly impressed by how easy the Trackmate installed and used.

It’s recommended to have the DASH installed by a professional mechanic or radio installer shop.  Estimated, it takes just about 40 minutes to an hour for the whole installation process to complete and for the device to start working.

According to more customer reviews, customer support agents have been timely and friendly.  They are not only quick to respond, but they also take quick measures to rectify any anomalies.

The accuracy and reliability of the device are also evident.  More so from device’s features.  Information is on point when it comes to actual whereabouts of vehicles and drivers.  Data is backed up with a reliable storage feature.  Information is kept for as long as six months.  All data based on the times when the vehicle is started and switched off are available.  Speed and direction the vehicle took is also accurate and easily accessible.

Documentation and reports give you up to date information such as mileage, speed, hours the vehicle has done as well as any idle hours.  This gives you the information you need to make crucial decisions and to also have peace of mind while knowing that all is well. (manual)

Final Thoughts

Trackmate GPS trackers for cars lineup, remain as an indisputable leader in the market.  Most notable is the accuracy of these units.  They offer the security, anti-theft and 24/7 location service that every vehicle so needs.  The reports are reliable and you are able to determine the vehicle’s mileage, speed, and hours of operation with data that is provided by the GPS car tracker.

Depending on who your insurance provider is, you also have the chance to qualify for a discount.  In addition, the web app works great to ensure that your property is safe.


This device is suitable for all types of people and in all kinds of situations.  For companies, you have the ability to secure your assets and vehicles using the device ’s anti-theft and recovery system. Giving you the ability to monitor and manage performance with data generated.

For parents of teenagers, you have acquired peace of mind knowing exactly where your child is on the road, and quickly offer help if they get into trouble with the car.

Senior drivers can also be vulnerable on the road.  The DASH GPS tracker monitors their time on the road as well.

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