Vyncs Review: A Feature Rich GPS Tracker For Car And Driver

GPS Tracker For Car

The Vyncs 3G GPS is one of the best and inexpensive GPS tracker for car and driver in need, in the market today.  In this review, we explore characteristics, design and performance features as well as safety implications you’ll have if you purchase Vyncs GPS Tracker.

What features and services you should be on the look out for if, you are on the hunt for one of these nifty little devices.

Worried about your teen’s driving?

Maybe you’re looking to keep track of your elder parent’s or relative’s driving.

This unit offers multiple services including vehicle maintenance, GPS tracking driver scoring, teen driver coaching, roadside assistance and more.

Vyncs is a full service-connected car solution with a 3G wireless network for transmitting your car’s data to a personal account.  This data can be accessed from your Android and iOS device or computer.  If your car gets stolen, this might be the thing that gets your car back.

But first, if your in a hurry…

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Why Not Just Use A Free App?

You may wonder why most people prefer using GPS trackers when you can simply access the various free tracking apps on your smartphone device.

There’s so much more you can do with a GPS tracker.  GPS trackers are more functional, convenient and cost-effective, especially for families and businesses with multiple little things to keep up with.

Whether you own a business that moves around expensive equipment/freight or you have a family with everyone having access to the car keys, you need a GPS tracker.

How GPS Trackers Work

Global Positioning System (GPS) tackers are portable devices that allow companies, managers and vehicle owners to monitor and track their cars.  A real-time GPS tracker for car provides instantaneous location as well as speed data.  Cheaper models usually record this type of data for future use or reference, but limit the services available or how often you get the updates.

Some GPS car trackers even allow you to even set real-time alerts to go off whenever your driver speeds or deviates from a specific location.  This is called geo-fencing.

A GPS uses network satellites to determine a device’s location.  Technically, a GPS uses a process known as trilateration to determine the device’s physical location based on its distance from three designated satellites.  This is exactly the same technology used by in-car or portable navigation system.  However, the difference is that a car navigation system gives you your car location as well as driving direction while a GPS tracker keeps a record of your driving habits.

Real Time Broadcasting

It can also broadcast the vehicles exact location in real time.  When broadcasting your car’s exact location, a GPS tracker uses the same technology used by your cell phone to connect to the internet.

This is the reason why most GPS car trackers require you to pay monthly subscription fees.

You may be tempted to simply track your teen’s cell phone,  knowing that they will end up with it in the car anyway.  However,  cell phones are not only expensive, they have a short lifespan.  In fact, the average lifespan of a smartphone is barely 2 years.

GPS trackers are long lasting and give you service for an unlimited period of time. If you don’t need it, you can cancel the service.  You pay for what you need, when you need it.

They are harder to turn off.   Installing a GPS tracker in your teen’s car or the one he/she normally drives is even more convenient than having to remind them to activate the GPS app on their mobile phone every time.

Vyncs Car GPS Tracker

What Features Are There?

Vyncs Real Time 3G Car GPS Tracker makes owning and driving a car smarter, safer and less expensive with multiple awesome features such as

  • Driver Coaching For Teens
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Roadside Assistance
  • and many more…

Vyncs GPS tracker for car is powered by Agnik’s patented connected car technology. Which boasts a good reputation in providing fleet management and technology solutions and logistics.

This is a nice tracking device if you’re looking for an affordable option.

There are no monthly subscription or fees.  So, you only pay a one-time activation fee per device when signing up and annual renewal fees.  This covers for the device price and one year 24/7 Service and the 3G data plan.

If you don’t like the tracker, the fee is refundable when you return it within 30 days.


Vyncs GPS tracker for car offers various services including driver monitoring alerts and roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance, recall alerts and fuel management.  This GPS tracker allows you to choose from three different versions including:

  • Vyncs Standard – Real-time GPS car tracker with basic services
  • Vyncs Premium – Comes with one-year roadside services in three countries; Canada, U.S.A, and Puerto Rico.
  • Vyncs Pro – Features 60 seconds GPS and live map updates.  The map refreshes automatically as new GPS data comes in.

There is also a Vyncs Fleet version with multiple features for commercial fleets.  Including support for more than 5 vehicles in a single account.

Vyncs Miles-Allows you to keep track of your miles with a smartphone app.  This has the best power consumption in the market and you don’t need an OBD-II device like other Vyncs.

Differences Between Standard, Premium and Pro

GPS Updates

The GPS refresh rate depends on the specific plan you set.  By default, Vyncs 3G GPS tracker for cars comes with a GPS refresh rate of 3 minutes.  However, with Vyncs Pro or separate upgrade, you get refresh rates of 60/30/15 seconds.

Zone Alerts

Go to your Vyncs smartphone app or web account to set get arrival or departure notifications. Available in Vyncs Fleet.


All trips are recorded in the trip table.  Just select a single trip that wants a detailed view of.  Vyncs Fleet supports driver specific trip reports.

Street Address

Reverse geo-coded street addresses on the amp. Vyncs Fleet support addresses trip table that you can download in readable Excel format.

GPS Locations

View location by the trip, location by day, last known location view.

Features a live map that automatically refreshes as the new GPS data comes in with Live Map Auto Refresh Update.

Driver Monitoring Alerts and Roadside Assistance

Vyncs GPS tracker for car alerts the driver for unsafe driving such as overspending (above the set threshold), harsh braking, rough cornering, rapid acceleration, and others.

Device Tampering

The GPS tracker automatically generates an alert once it’s plugged back into the OBD-II port after removing it.

The device doesn’t come with a battery for safety reasons.

Driver Score & Trip Performance Index

Vyncs GPS Tracker evaluates each trip from the safety perspective and assigns a Trip Performance Index (TPI).  It then combines the TPI from multiple trips appropriately to generate long-term driver score.

Speeding Histogram

This is a visualization that allows you to see the amount of time that your driver spends on different speed zones.

Roadside services

With the Vyncs Premium, you get free roadside services in three regions including Canada, U.S, and Puerto Rico.

You can as well purchase upgrades for Vyncs roadside services from your standard account.

This includes 24/7 roadside assistance, lost key/lock-out services, free towing, fuel delivery service, winching and much more.

Idling Map

The idling map is only available in Vyncs Fleet and shows you idling events in a map.

High-G Events

 Vyncs device features an accelerometer chip that detects rapid acceleration and braking events, which are then reported on a map showing exact locations where the events took place.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Vyncs offers vehicle maintenance and recall alerts.
  • Vyncs GPS Tracker for cars provides regular fuel maintenance notifications.
  • With Vyncs Fleet, you can allow keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance records and create custom maintenance tasks.

Fault Codes

  • Vyncs 3G GPS tracker collects vehicle diagnostic trouble code data, which is restricted to the data made public by your vehicle manufacturer through the OBD-II port.
  • The Vyncs then sends trouble codes to your account.
  • Checks emission information and engine lights whenever available.

Battery Health

The GPS tracker reports your vehicle’s battery health condition.

Recall Alerts

Vyncs also notifies you about the recall notices issued by your car/vehicle’s company or manufacturer.

Fuel Cost Tracking

GPS Tracker For Car Summary

 Vyncs Fleet supports fuel cost tracking

Fuel Level Reporting

The device supports fuel level reporting as long as the car reports this information through the OBD-II port via the open protocols.

Personalized Fuel Saving Tips

Vyncs 3G GPS tracker correlates fuel consumption with driving behavior and then files reports the aspects of your driving that is leading to increased fuel consumption.

Automatic Mileage Tracker

This is available only on Vyncs Fleet and Vyncs Miles.  Designed for commercial fleets, VyncsFleet offers multiple unique features including:

  • Supports an unlimited number of vehicles per account
  • Street address on trip table
  • Fuel cost tracking
  • Fleet dashboard
  • Stop time to report on the map
  • Create custom maintenance tasks
  • Download data in Excel-friendly format.
  • More scalable software and powerful infrastructure for fleets.
  • True idle time reporting on the map. This is the time that vehicle is not moving but engine running.
  • Supports multiple sub-fleets with more than one managers as well as due access control.
  • And much more

Automatic Mileage Tracker App

Use the Vyncs automatic mileage tracker app to automatically tracks your vehicle’s mileage and create trips.  You get free 40 trips every month.  All you need is to download the app on your iOS or Android device and you’re good to go.  Vyncs mileage tracker app offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Stunning battery power consumption
  • Roadside assistance in Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S
  • Automatically detects trips and creates mileage logs
  • Generate downloadable IRS guidelines compliant business expense reports
  • Smart-classifies your vehicle’s trips by training the system to master the category of your trips and automatically classify them.
  • Categorize personal and business drives with one touch on the app or smart watches or using Alexa voice-powered technology.
  • Categorize trips in personal, business or any other customized category.

Easy Installation

It has a very simple sign up process.  You just need to plug the Vyncs into your car’s OBD-II port.  Create a Vyncs account and you’re good to go.

It offers information on your car’s fuel economy which can help you to drive more econimically.  You also get feedback if your driver is speeding or is in an unsafe location.

The Vyncs features an advanced small and weightless design for easy maintenance and handling.  It measures just 0.9 x 1.7 x 2.6 inches and weighs 2.2 ounces.  This makes it pretty easy to set up and install.

This GPS Tracker For Car Needs No Batteries

The tracking device does not need a battery as it draws power from the car’s OBD-II port.  It goes to sleep after the vehicle ignition turns off but a wakes up after every hour to report your car’s GPS location to your Vyncs account.

It can drain your car’s battery if it sits for a long time.

Updates Use The Built-in SIM Card

The Vyncs supports built-in SIM card to send GPS data to your personal web or smartphone app Vyncs accounts.

It sends data via a cellular wireless network currently supported in 177 countries including U.S,  Canada,  Mexico and Puerto Rico.  You need a valid Vyncs account with a service package in order to use the app.  That means you don’t need a phone every time to operate it.

GPS Tracking can be a grey area so you should confirm that your country’s local laws allow the use of Vyncs GPS tracker before you purchase. (details)

Other Customer Reviews

Vyncs 3G GPS Car Tracker has received great reviews and positive feedback from customers.  Customers talked about the excellent safety and security features for monitoring teen drivers.  A number of customers were also impressed by the fact that the tracker doesn’t require monthly subscriptions or fees.

Others were impressed by the Vyncs app that you can download on your Android or iOS device to access a list of vehicle notifications, including vehicle warnings, notifications, recalls and battery status.

One customer said “It works great though.  Someone I trusted I found out wasn’t being so trustworthy, but it was the reason I wanted it, for their safety and my peace of mind”.


Overall, Vyncs GPS Tracker for Car is a great tool for parents to monitor their teen and elderly drivers.  Business owners who want to keep track of their fleet and help in locating your stolen car.  It is extremely accurate.  It will tell you the exact location where your car is.  You also get multiple added features such as fault codes alerts, zone notification, maintenance alerts and many more.

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