How To Find Your GPS Coordinates

GPS Satellites

With the invention of GPS coordinates, we have come a far way since keeping maps in our glove box and having to pull them out to find where we were going.  Global Positioning-System, also referred to as GPS, uses latitude and longitude to determine a definite location.

Typically used to find an address you are looking for, or to find out exactly where you are.  By searching for a specific location you can use numbers as well as symbols and decimals, you can use GPS to guide you through your daily commute, road trips and just finding new places.

Are GPS Coordinates The Same As Latitude And Longitude

This one gets a little confusing for some people.  They are not the same thing, however they are what makes up the specific coordinates.  GPS coordinates are found by using the combination of latitude and longitude.

Latitude runs parallel in relation to the equator as longitude runs down the earth; from pole to pole.  The ingredient we are missing is altitude. The three of them together are what makes up GPS coordinates.

What Are My GPS Coordinates?

First thing is; you will want to have a map or globe that you can write on.  You will need a pen and a measuring unit.  It takes practice to get this down pat so don’t apply too much pressure on yourself at first.

  1. You will start by identifying longitude.  The lines will stretch from the North Pole down to the South Pole or some may find it easier to just say the line goes from the East to the West.  Mark the spot with the letter E to identify a line of longitude.
  2. Longitude coordinates are found by the horizontal lines that divide our earth.  Mark these lines with N which stands for North.  While you move just south of the equator, the lines rise by one degree until they are standing tall at 90 degrees. Mark this area with an S, symbolizing the South Pole.
  3. Now find a location on the map that you would like to find the coordinates for and place a little X where you choose.  Measure along the latitude line until you find which degree it is at, and write it down.  Do the same for the longitude line and write it down as well.
  4. The sequence this coordinate will be written at is the following:  First take the longitude number, write it down, add a comma and then write down the longitude number. You have now written a simple GPS Coordinate.

Can GPS Be Wrong
GPS Coordinates Navigation

Yes, it can be wrong.  It could be as simple as the app you downloaded needs to be updated with the current information.  Streets get closed, areas get renamed and subdivisions are going up everywhere.  If the app is updated regularly it has a better chance of providing you with correct information.

Every year, work is done in our cities changing our streets up to 40% meaning the possibility for going down the wrong turn is much higher when the app hasn’t been updated.  GPS systems use satellite signals to find our coordinate.  One reason your GPS may be leading you astray could be because the signal from the satellite is weak, therefore not able to send you the correct information.

GPS Apps

  • You will find Google Maps at the top of this list.  Compatible with any Smartphone or tablet, Google has been a leader when it comes to the Google Maps application.  Equipped with over 35 languages this app is being used across the globe.
  • Waze-Navigation & Live Traffic is another popular GPS coordinates app.  It is used by commuters who want a live update regarding traffic, emergency vehicles, accidents and even construction.  This application is equipped with over 40 languages.
  • Synic G.P.S Navigation & Maps is an application a lot of people love.  This is for the fact it doesn’t only have navigation, but it also has 3D maps that can be used offline if you don’t have data.
  • One that has been around for a long time is the MapQuest G.P.S Navigation & Maps application.  Using live traffic cameras, you are able to receive updates right away.  As GPS factors in the speed limit in different areas to determine your time of arrival, you will also notice the speed limit displayed so you can compare it to the speed you are currently driving at.

GPS Coordinate Converter

A GPS coordinate converter will take the coordinates from longitude and latitude and give you an address.  Finding an address or location is relatively easy.  It can be difficult for someone to read the coordinates if they don’t know what they are looking for.  You can find great, simple to use sources online to convert your coordinates.

GPS Coordinates Google Map

Once you know your coordinates, put them into the converter.  All these sites will give you a location where some of the websites will zoom right into a map and show you.  If converting coordinates is something you enjoy and want to do more of, check out some of the GPS Converter Apps such as, G.P.S Format Converter or D.M.S Converter.  The different apps come with different features so look through them until you find one you want to try out.

Google Maps And GPS

Google Maps makes it easy to find where you are.  There is a search bar that you can type your address into and you are on your way!  Next to the search bar you will see a drop down menu that gives you the option to view it as a map, view it from the satellite image and even view the terrain around the address given.  You can find the coordinates for a location by typing in the address on the app.

After typing the address you want to search the coordinates for, you hit search and the map will show you where you are as well as where you are going, the route it takes to get there as well as the time it will take to arrive.  The address for your search will show up at the bottom of the app once you hit search.

You can simply tap on the address you typed out and it will pop up with a few options.  One of those options if you scroll down, look for the long number sequence and that will be the coordinates, it’s that easy!