Glasses With Camera – GoGloo Makes A Solid Choice

Gogloo Camera Glasses

While wearing stylish sunglasses with an embedded camera is becoming increasingly popular, so too are the choices in the marketplace. So selecting the best video camera glasses for you from the many can be a challenging task. But you’re at a distinct advantage already – and you’re about to discover exactly why.

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High Definition Video Capture

If you’re looking for the ability to shoot high-quality 1080P video from a pair of stylish video recording glasses, Gogloo hd glasses are a solid contender and worth a closer look. They’ve been designed and manufactured to capture various outdoor sports and action activities and all the adventures life has to offer.

Gogloo has been doing it for more than a decade now and their experience shows. Others can copy – and they do. But these guys are among the pioneers of the industry and they know what customers want. And that is a reliable, clear video that’s easily captured – from a comfortable pair of sunglasses. And in fact, these Gogloo glasses with camera are certainly among the best we looked at.

Stylish Comfort and Reliable Functionality

Gogloo features a pretty cool unisex style of sunglasses designed by Swedish designer Jonas Wagell. They sure look impressive and they seem to fit well on most people – at least those with average-sized heads.

The overall look and feel are remarkably similar to wearing any other pair of designer glasses. But of course, these are no average pair of sunglasses. It’s the ability to capture clear video recordings hands-free and with ease that sets Gogloo apart from regular designer glasses, you see in all those high-end shops and boutiques.

As eyewear, these glasses are reasonably lightweight and surprisingly comfortable. They’re also built to be impact resistant, temperature resistant, and moisture resistant. Clearly, these durable video camera glasses are built tough.

Five Things You Need To Know About Gogloo Camera Glasses

  • Battery life – the built-in battery Gogloo deploys is bigger than average and designed last about 70 to 90 minutes on a full charge. But you can also charge it during use with a portable power bank. So there’s no reason to limit what you can capture.
  • Charging time – Gogloo batteries are lithium ion and are internal components of the device and therefore, non-removable. But they are rechargeable and you can power them up over and over again. It typically takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge.
  • Viewing angle – Gogloo offers a 110° wide-angle view that helps capture more of what you see – from your own personal point of view. That’s one of the wider ranges we observed – and we looked at them all.
  • Hands-free recording – yes you can do this with thee Gogloo video camera sunglasses and it’s exceptionally easy – with just one button.
  • While these camera glasses are set in a fixed position, you can get a similar pair that tilts, right here. It’s not necessary to have this feature, but some might prefer it.

What Can You Use Gogloo Video Camera Glasses For?

These cool-looking shades are great for travel vacations to effortlessly create memories that will last far beyond your trip. Gogloo glasses are also ideal to wear while out on an adventurous ride – whether by car, motorcycle, dirt bike, canoe, kayak, snowmobile, or what have you.

If you’re looking for a way to capture family events like barbecues, or kids sports, musical or theatrical performances these can be quite useful. But remember, most camera glasses like these work best in daylight. And as the day turns into night, the clarity and crispness of the video capture suffer.

Legalities Of Using Camera Glasses

You’re free to own and use any pair of camera glasses. Just don’t be creepy by using them for nefarious purposes. If you respect other people’s privacy and stick to filming your family, close friends and the scenery – you shouldn’t have any problem. If you want to record others, be sure to ask for their permission first.

Privacy issues in the United States are governed by individual states. So there’s no one law that applies to everyone. If used appropriately camera glasses are handy tools to capture and record what you see in your line of sight, without having to fumble for your phone or other camera devices. Common sense can go a long way to keeping you on the legal side of shooting action videos.

How Do Video Recording Glasses Work?

While most glasses with cameras are ready right out-of-the-box, you should still fully charge them first, either by plugging into a USB port on your computer or wall outlet. With full power, you’re ready to put the device to the test.

Lenses supplied by Gogloo are adjustable – so they can be removed and replaced by other lenses like prescription lenses. So you can wear them like you would any other pair of glasses. Then when you want to record all you see (and likely more) – simply press the button once.

How Do You Use Camera Glasses?

Camera glasses are a ton of fun to use – especially those with video capturing capability. They’re easier, more convenient and way less hassle than strapping on a GoPro camera or trying to grab for your phone in your pocket – when you’re living life at the moment and you want something you’re seeing to be recorded and preserved.

With Gogloo – you have easy, one button control. Wear your glasses whenever you’re out and about. Just reach for the arm of your Gogloos and click the on/off button. Whatever you’re looking at is now being recorded.  When you’re done shooting, remove the micro SD card and insert it into a card reader or your computer to view the video files you just shot. That’s it. Yes, it really is that simple.

Charge Up Before You Go

Make sure you’ve got full battery power before you head out the door to shoot some videos.  When your micro SD card fills up, you need to download and save them to your computer or storage device. That’s step one. Step two is to delete these videos from your micro SD card before you can record more video on the same memory card.

To begin a recording, simply press the on/off button for one second. You’ll get a green LED light that flashes slowly, indicating the recording has started. One quick press on the same button stops the recording. It’s all saved to your micro SD card and ready to be transferred to your laptop, desktop computer, or smart TV for viewing.

HD Wide Angle Video Capture

Gogloo offers 1080P HD video a wide-angle view in its camera sunglasses. The complete UV protection is also provided with the original lenses. They’re comfortable, lightweight and designed for both males and females – making these a versatile pair of camera shades. It’s an excellent way to capture amateur sporting events, family day at the park, or an afternoon of salmon fishing at the side of the river.

Gogloo Camera Glasses

Although this model does not take photographs, Gogloo has a similar model that does.

What’s In The Box?

  • One pair of camera glasses
  • One 16 GB Toshiba SD card
  • One Micro USB charging cable
  • One SD to UBS stick
  • One Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Soft storage case
  • One hard case with carabiner
  • One head strap
  • Instruction booklet

What You See Is What You Capture

What this product does is allow you to capture the world from your point of view. Record everything you see. With a 10-megapixel sensor camera, you get better image quality (comparable to most smartphones) low power consumption, and even low-light performance, though the images are not as clear as they are in bright daylight.

Dual stereo microphones pick up external sounds much more clearly so that the quality of your subject nearly matches the depth and clarity of your own voice. That’s definitely not the case with all brands and models.

Safe To Use Too

Gogloo video sunglass lenses are polarized and certified to block out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC as well as harmful blue light up to 400nm. So they’re just like any quality (and safe) pair of designer sunglasses you come across.

Another thoughtful addition engineered into these hd glasses is the unique cooling system designed to protect users. Most electronics heat up. When you’re wearing them on your face, that added heat can become uncomfortable quickly. But it’s not an issue here.

Other Interesting Details

These fit like a quality pair of sporty, designer sunglasses. The camera is quite discreet, though not invisible.

Gogloo glasses are splash-proof and water resistant. So you don’t want to get them too wet. In fact, it’s a good idea to avoid water wherever possible.

One thing that makes these glasses more useful than others for stealth video recording is the indicator light that lets you know you are recording. It’s on the inside of the frame and not clearly visible on the outside. So your recording activity is likely to be detected by others.

While this device is charging, you will see a solid red LED light. Once the glasses are fully powered up, the red life shuts off, indicating a full charge.

Some people wonder if you could comfortably wear these glasses on top of their prescription glasses. In my case, they simply didn’t fit,  and that’s with a pair of small-framed glasses. There’s just not a lot of room inside – as there might be with safety glasses, for example.

Repeated Testing Confirms Battery Longevity

The built-in power comes from a 650 MHA Lithium-ion battery. And that battery will easily last you anywhere from about 70 to 90 minutes – on a full charge.

Gogloo actually tested the single charge battery duration in their lab more than 500 different times. And the results they achieved 95% of the time is that the battery charge lasted for a full 90 minutes. Your results may vary slightly and one of the factors that can affect battery life is weather conditions.

It could mean that in mixed conditions, you would likely receive at least a 75 to 80-minute performance – on a single charge.

What Buyers Liked Most About Gogloo Camera Glasses

  • Great video picture quality
  • Performs well – even in slightly wet conditions
  • Lightweight and comfortable (they feel like any other pair of quality designer sunglasses)
  • Essentially, it’s a “GoPro” for your face (very cool)
  • Quality pair of discrete looking attractive sunglasses
  • Inexpensive – particularly considering the quality
  • Good value (you get a complete bundle of extras – not just the glasses)
  • Memory card and card reader and are included
  • Easy-to-use (to start recording, hold the power button down and a green light flashes – to stop, hold the power button down again)
  • Stylish, designer shades
  • Durable – built to stand up to an active lifestyle
  • Removable and interchangeable lenses (perfect for those with prescription glasses)
  • Vibration alerts make it easy
  • The camera is well hidden (so a person standing in front of you may not necessarily recognize that there’s a camera embedded in your shades)
  • Good color pick up for a camera in this category
  • Voice recordings are quite clear
  • The frame features a solid build quality (looks and feels like it will last a long time)
  • Bigger battery capacity (close to an hour and a half of continuous shooting vs. one-half hour on other makes)
  • Can use in most weather conditions without damage

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • Slightly off the line of sight (you need to adjust the angle of your head slightly down – or add small pads to lift the frame off your ears slightly – in order to get a perfect “point of view” image capture. This is an issue with virtually all camera glasses in this price range)
  • Night recording is average (it’s not an infrared camera, so image quality drops in proportion to the darker it gets)
  • The nose bridge is a little narrow for some users
  • Takes a few seconds before it actually starts recording (so you could miss something at the moment of truth)
  • Does not take photos ( This problem is relatively easy to resolve, however. Simply freeze the frame while watching the video on your computer. Then take a screenshot of any still you want.)
  • You need to remove the memory card every time you want to transfer videos to your computer
  • The frames on the glasses may be a little wide and thick (which could obstruct your view when riding a bike or motorcycle)

The Verdict

You’ll be hard-pressed to find this kind of versatility and value in another pair of camera glasses in this category. Out of all the video recording glasses we reviewed, Gogloo glasses are at the top of our list.

If you like to capture live action videos and special moments of family, friends, and events – without managing an external camera, this makes an ideal choice. Or, to simply track and record various elements and paths of your life’s journey, Gogloo makes it easy.

See today’s price for the GoGloo Camera Glasses on Amazon


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