Budget-Friendly Kids GPS Watch

The TK–Star smart GPS watch is a budget kids GPS tracker watch developed by Xetrace Technology Co., Limited.  The smartwatch comes with a GPS device used to track the real-time position of your kids for their safety.  It’s also good for seniors who may require movement tracking.

Kids GPS Tracker

In this article, you’ll find a full review of the TK-Star GPS tracker; how it works and how to use it.  We’ll also go over the basics on what GPS tracking is and how that works.   In the end, you’ll be in a position to decide on whether to invest in this type of smart GPS tracker for your loved ones.

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Noteworthy Features Of This GPS Smartwatch

  • It’s able to make phone voice calls.  When your child needs to talk to their parent, they can make a voice call.  Parents can also make a call when concerned about their child’s whereabouts.
  • It has a rechargeable battery capacity of 500mA, which can last for two days switched on suspend mode and 12 to 16 hours when used moderately.
  • The coverage area of a smartwatch is equivalent to other GPS trackers.
  • Supports Wi-Fi. Tk-Star smart GPS watch is Wi-Fi connectable.  This means you can connect to Google Maps for location data and enable data transfer between the GPS child tracker watch and the remote device used by the parent.
  • It also has do not disturb mode option that can be turned on during the school hours

Back To Basics – How Does GPS Tracking Work?

The TK-Start kids GPS tracker smartwatch uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and satellite connections to define your child’s exact geographical position.  The GPS smartwatch tracker sends the data (the actual latitude and longitude) back in real-time showing the location to the parent.

This GPS child tracker watch also has extra features to improve the safety of your child and monitored seniors.  These include:

  • anti-drop sensors
  • GPS and LBS positioning
  • current-time position tracker using WiFi
  • 2-way voice communications

For seniors, this watch also comes with sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes to measure movement in case of a fall.

What Are The Connectivity Options For This Watch

You can make use already existing SIM cards or buy new SIM cards in case you want a new device for another kid.  It uses the 2G cell phone network.  2G support makes smart watch suitable to low network coverage areas.  This watch will not work with AT&T as AT&T does not support 2G.  This has been a pain point of new owners.

What Else Can This Watch Do?

  • Geo-fencing – With this watch you can set up an electric fence to set perimeters of where you want your child to be.  When they leave the current position, it sends you warning alerts.
  • Alerts – This notifies you when the wearer changes positions.
  • SOS Button – This button enables emergency calls to 3 identifiable numbers.
  • It uses an Android app to track locations.
  • Has LBS positioning tracker – This allows for indoor tracking.

More About Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing is a feature used in many programs to define geographical boundaries. Geo-fencing lets you set triggers in such that when a GPS tracker enters or leaves the defined boundaries, a notification is given out.  Majority of geo-fencing apps integrate Google maps to allow you to outline boundaries over a satellite outlook of a particular geographical position.  Other apps delineate boundaries by use of longitude and latitude.

Is GPS Tracking legal?

In the USA the use of GPS tracking on a human is considered to be illegal for people of majority age and legal to minors.  According to the past cases concerning the usage of GPS child tracker, it was concluded that the care of the children is under the parent and therefore got all right to control the movements by geographical locating them.  According to the Law, children can’t make decisions concerning their well-being hence parents are liable for the children to care and protection.

Should You Get A GPS Watch Over A Phone?

When choosing a GPS tracker here are some reasons you may want a GPS watch over a phone.

Pros Of Phones:

  • You can get free android apps hence saving some cash.
  • 3G Accessible.  This a network which is widely available in many countries.
  • Easy to install and operate phone apps since they are commonly used in the world.

Cons Of Phones:

  • Is not advisable for children to own a phone at infancy age.
  • The child can delete the app intentionally or mess up its configuration.

Pros Of GPS Smartwatches:

  • Small weight and size: A smartwatch is less than of a smartphone.  This makes it most comfortable to carry around your wrist.
  • High Accuracy: The smartwatch GPS sensors are standard compared to those of smartphones.  GPS sensors in phones keep on varying from phone to another hence less accurate in recording small variations in distances and speeds.
  • Long Battery life: A smart GPS watch has a battery life of 2 days on suspend mode and 12 to 16 hours in moderate use.  Compare to smartphones that go for 3- 4 hours when fully charged when using GPS trackers, smartwatches are more reliable in long hours tracking like when the child is at school.
  • Waterproof: All GPS smartwatches are sweat and waterproof. This means you kids can do anything they wish in school and games. This includes swimming and showering without removing it. The advantage is that you’ll not miss a single second on your child’s position.
  • Replaceability and Ruggedness: it’s not easily broken hence saving replacement cost.

Cons Of GPS Smartwatches:

  • SmartWatch apps are must buy.  In most cases, you will not find the apps given freely.
  • High speeds in movement restrict the use.
  • Some use a 2G network which is not available in some countries.

What Else Do You Get In The Box?

Well, not much.  You get the watch and that that’s pretty much it.  You will also need to purchase a SIM card with this device.  TK-Star recommends the Speedtalk SIM Card. This card is a must for easy setup.

Other Customer Reviews

Other customers are confessing about the suitability of using GPS child tracker; this includes; the easy in operation and usage and affordable cost of the GPS watch. Many are pleased with models with the ability to operate without SIM card and subscriptions.

Battery life is desirable in particular modes.  Customizable alerts such as vibration is a good feature.  Charging period is shorter than that of phone batteries.  Many customers are happy with fair accuracy on Google Maps and excellent customer support offered. Some customers had issues with the set when using this watch with AT&T.  TK-Star confirms that this watch does not work with AT&T.

Who Should Get It?

This watch is best for parents of younger children (1-5 years).  It’ also recommended for seniors to keep the family members geographical positions known at all times for easy monitoring.

When buying kids GPS tracker, parents should consider wearable GPS watches with good locator accuracy,  alarms, emergency numbers, SOS button, and 2-way voice calling.  This budget-friendly smartwatch fits the bill.

If you are looking for something more for teenagers, you may want to consider a car GPS tracker such as the Bouncie. With the Bouncie, not only do you get great GPS tracking you also get car diagnostics for easy maintenance and care.

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