Bouncie GPS Review: Turn Your Car Into A Smart Vehicle In Under 5 Minutes

Bouncie GPS Car Tracker

Want to keep track of your vehicles health?

Here is a viable solution for you.  Bouncie Connected Car OBD2 Adapter is a GPS tracking tool for business and personal users.  With this tracking device, you can plug it into your connected car’s power and view important information such as such as driving habits, trip histories, maintenance reminders, vehicle location among others.

We are going to take you through characteristics, design as well as performance features of the Bouncie GPS car tracker.  Keep reading.  This may be the device that you have been looking for.

But first, if your in a hurry…

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About Bouncie

Bouncie allows access anytime anywhere.

You can check in with your car using a webpage, app or smart home assistants such as Google Home or Alexa.  The Bouncie car gps tracker turns your car into a smart vehicle in less than 5 minutes, with no tools or hardwires required.

The device works throughout the U.S only using AT&T.  You get real-time Bouncie updates on the location of your vehicle while driving.  It also records the car’s location when parked.   This makes it perfect for teen and elderly drives.

This car gps tracker smart device is compatible with almost all cars manufactured from 1996.

It features a smartphone app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.  You can download the app in your app marketplaces.

Bouncie is a GPS car tracker tool from Tail Light LLC, a Dallas-based technology firm known for its high-quality innovative application and products for the automotive industry for nearly 20 years now.

OBD Connected GPS Vs Hardwired GPS

When it comes to tracking your vehicle, there are two main types of GPS devices.  These include hard-wired vehicle tracking and plug-n-play (PNP) devices.

Hardwired vehicle tracking devices use a three-wire connection while Plug-n-play devices connect directly to the OBD2 port.  While both OBD and Hardwired models have their own advantages and disadvantages, OBD comes with more benefits than its counterpart.  OBD is basically plug-in GPS trackers that you literally plug into a port in your car.

Since the mid-1990’s, it was a general requirement that all cars feature a connection port known as OBD II port.  This is the same port that mechanics plug in their computers to access car information from the sensors.

The port can also function as a power and data source for a GPS tracker.  Plug in OBD trackers such as Bouncie are very small and are pretty easy to install and can notify you when a car is turned off and on.  This enables you to choose between sleep and active modes.  Sleep modes report data a less frequent rate hence avoids draining your vehicle’s battery . An OBD GPS model can send alert whether your car is on or off, making them the better option for business and personal users.

OBD is a plug and play.  Literally, this is pretty easy.  You buy a pre-activated and configured GPS device with a plan and SIM and you just install it in your car’s OBD port right away.  Then you’re good to go.  With OBD, you’ve got Vehicle Engine Diagnostic and Errors at your fingertips (that is if it is a diagnostic device).  This is the same port that workshop attendants use to diagnose your car using somewhat a weird wire plugged in the part alongside a laptop, computer or tablet.  Therefore, an OBD Diagnostic enabled tracker gives you all the basic diagnostic information with generated error codes at your fingertips.

Though not recommended, you may use an OBD GPS tracker in multiple vehicles considering that it’s plug and play.  With a hardwired device,  it takes alot more works as it connected to your cars battery or ignition.   Diagnostic is not possible as the device lacks an interface with the vehicle’s OBD port.

Because a hardwired GPS car tracker are installed in the car, it’s recommended to have it installed by a mechanic or car stereo installer.  On average, it takes 30-40 minutes to install without any accessories.  This means that moving these types of car tracking devices between vehicles is not easy or simple.  Just like the installation process, you’ll need to plan to transfer a hard-wired device from one car to another.  Moving an OBD2 car gps tracker from one vehicle to another is pretty simple.

Has Lots Of Features Including

  • Vehicle Location
  • Driving alerts
  • Geo-Circles
  • GPS Car Tracker App
    Speed Bands
  • Driving Alerts
  • Multiple Logins
  • Vehicle Health

Vehicle Location

Bouncie records data after every 5 seconds while driving.  The recorded data is then transferred from the device to servers and the app updates automatically with the latest data.  Bouncie gives your vehicle report the location while the car is moving and then give a report of its final location when it’s parked and turned off.  Updates stop when the vehicle is parked to save on the vehicle battery life.  It sends a notification once the vehicle is parked and then resumes once the vehicle is moving again to save battery.

Driving Habits

The device automatically sends alerts to your phone and you can view them with just one touch.  Additionally, you can access and review a complete history of each alert with just one tap.  You can also set notifications for your vehicle speed, hard braking, rapid acceleration, idle time, miles were driven and others.  Real-time driving insights enable for better decisions while on the road thus makes you a better driver.


With Geo-circle, you can now get updates whenever the car arrives or when they are leaving.  Geo-Circles allows you to drop a circle anywhere on a map, for instance, at school, friend’s house, at the mall or at home.

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Speed Bands

Bouncie Connected Car OBD2 Adapter GPS features speed bands that display your drives in color.  It uniquely colors your drive for each set speed range.

Vehicle Health

It allows for easy management of little things like the vehicle’s health before they become big issues.  You get alerts whenever there is something that needs your attention.

Access for Everyone

You can share Bouncie keys with anyone.  This allows other people to access the app so they can keep updated to your vehicles health and whereabouts.  There is no limit on the number of people with whom you can share the keys.

What Is The Bouncie GPS Good For?

Bouncie is perfectly suited for both small and mid-sized services businesses with;

  • Multiple log-ins – You can access Bouncie across all your devices including desktop, tablet, and smartphone allowing for easy checking of your vehicle health.  You can download Bouncie app for your Android or iOS device.
  • Unlimited Access – You can create as many Bouncie accounts as you want and customize your car sharing with family and friends.  This makes it great for a family with multiple logins
  • Built-in connection – The device doesn’t rely on the driver’s phone.  It communicates with an internal 3G cell connection.
  • Vehicle Health – Bouncie is designed with a capability to read your car engine data and send your alerts whenever it detects a problem that prompts attention.
  • Compatibility – The GPS tracker is compatible with vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer ones, ranging from utility, vans, limos, and cars to medium duty trucks.
  • Tamper Alerts – You receive an automatic alert when the device is removed from your vehicle’s OBD port of detached.
  • Easy Set-Up Process – Setting up Bouncie, is very easy.  There are no wires required.  You only need to plug Bouncie into your car’s OBD port.  Bouncie’s TripSync Technology communicates both location and driving data.  The TripSync will automatically update the app with the most current data.
  • Diagnostics – Bouncie provides intelligent vehicle diagnostics.   It uses your vehicle’s OBD port to decode various engine alerts so you stay updated about lights on your car dash.
  • Fuel Level And Battery Status – Stay updated with your vehicle’s health with battery status and fuel levels at glance.
  • History And Habits – With Bouncie, you can keep track of every mile you make with your car.  Tag, review, export, and group your car’s driving history. Such actionable insights promote good driving habits.
  • Insurance – Bouncie enables you to go paperless and keep all your insurance data and information at the tip of your fingers.
  • Vehicle InformationEasy access to critical information for all your vehicles via a mobile app or through smart assistants like Google Home and Alexa.
  • Renewals – Bouncie enables you to set renewal reminders for vehicle inspection, registration and much more.  This makes it a perfect GPS tracker solution for both businesses and families with multiple cars or vehicles.

Using A GPS Car Tracker For Teenage Driver Monitoring

The unfortunate thing is that today is that teenagers are moving so fast. You need to always have a regular conversation with your teen regarding safe driving practices and uses of GPS smart tracking devices such as Bouncie.  The device plugs into the car’s On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBD).  It is through the OBD that the device’s smartphone app gathers important data such as driving habits, vehicle location, trip histories while monitoring your vehicle status, diagnostic and maintenance.

As a parent, you can use the information collected as a conversation starter regarding your teen safety and responsible driving.  The following are some of the critical risk factors and how Bouncie can benefit parents in understanding the risks and work to enhance teen and elderly driver safety.

Crash Risk for Teen/Senior Drivers

Crashes usually occurs because teen drivers lack the necessary experience.  This makes them underestimate the dangerous and risky situations and make critical decision mistakes that eventually lead to car accidents.  Bouncie provides real-time monitoring and insights into your teen’s driving habits such as rapid acceleration, hard braking instances, trip history and speeding. You can use these insights to reinforce good driving behavior and correct any dangerous driving behavior.

Crash Risk for Teen and Elderly Drivers at Night

Night driving is risky for drivers of all ages.  However, the risk of getting involved in a car crash at night is highest for elderly and teen drivers.  Parents and guardians can address this danger by imposing driving curfews and using Bouncie gps car tracker to enforce the curfew.  The device will send alerts to your mobile device when your teenager or elderly use the car past the set curfew day or time.

Crash Risk for Teen Drivers during the Summer Months and on the Weekends

Teenagers tend to spend most of their time driving during summer and on weekends.  The more time they spend on the road, the higher the crash risk.

Parents can use Bouncie to address this risk by limiting the amount of time your teenager spend with the car and come up with a list of off-limit roads, locations, and highways.  You can create driving zones known as Geo-circles and rely on the Bouncie app to send alerts any time the car leaves or enters the restricted zones.

Crash Risk for Teen Drivers When Driving with fellow Teens

Distracted driving is a common problem for nearly every driver.  However, the problem becomes more real when teenage drivers are driving with other teenagers in the vehicle.  While Bouncie does not have the features to monitor the number of occupants in your car, it can alert you of risky driving behavior such as over speeding, sudden acceleration, abrupt braking, and others.

When parents use Bouncie connected Car device to spark informative conversations regarding road safety with their teens, you’re taking a positive and critical step to ensure that teens become responsible when behind the wheels on an open road.

What Are Other Customer Saying About Bouncie

Bouncie has received great reviews and positive feedback from customers.  Customers talked about the easy-to-use interface. Alerts arrive in a timely manner. Rapid acceleration and deceleration/speed bands allow for teen driving education and conversation.

Most clients praised the GPS for its excellent teen and elderly driver tracking. It sends alerts to parents in case of over speeding and acceleration which helps parents to guide their teens accordingly.

Other customers said they love the device because of its various amazing features and easy install and set up.

One customer said, “It really helps to ease my anxiety with my newly driving teen, and helps us coach him on his driving skills…”

Verdict Overall

The Bouncie GPS car tracker is a great GPS device with both an Android and iOS smartphone app.  It is suitable for business owners who want to keep track of their fleet as well as families interested in monitoring their teen and elderly drivers.

This is a great tool for teen drivers or elderly drivers who are new to car care responsibility.

It gives you real-time location monitoring and tracking.  The device focuses on intelligent and gentle teen driving guidance.  You will be able to know exactly where your teen took your car and the driving habits such as acceleration, over speeding and much more.

You also get multiple added features including battery status and fuel level alerts, zone notification, maintenance alerts and many more.  Additionally, Bouncie features a detailed mapping location for your car, so you can rest assured that you can track your car to its exact location in case of theft.

Finally, it is easy to install and supports unlimited devices, making it easy for all family members or business partners to track vehicles and cars.

See today’s price for the Bouncie tracker on Amazon.



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