Review Of The AMERICALOC Mini GPS Tracker: How Small Is It?

This tutorial takes some confusion out of buying a GPS tracker. We have provided you with a non-bias review of the AMERICALOC GL300W mini gps tracker and everything else you need to know about GPS trackers; including how they work, and what you need to look for when buying one.

Americaloc ML300W GPS Tracker

By the end of this post, you should be able to make the right decision and determine whether this brand is what you are looking for.

Having the peace of mind when knowing that your child, your vehicles, or even your pets are safe at all times, what can be compared to that? Unfortunately though, most of GPS trackers out there do not give you the assurance you need.  Some devices do not offer a reliable updates as to the whereabouts of your valuables.  Based on our tests, we recommend the AMERICALOC GL300W mini gps tracker.

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First Of All, What Is A GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is a device used to track and record a person or property’s location and is often used in tandem with mobile phones to track your valuables.  Real-time GPS trackers for cars can provide data such as the speed and  location. And, at the the same time record this information for later use.

Any recent mobile smartphone today is equipped with a GPS receiver which means even with free apps, you can track your valuables or your special someone. However, using a smart phone as a trackers might work with the right app, it definitely not ideal.  You’d be better off with a dedicated device if you want to make sure that you get accurate location data.

With this the Americaloc GL300W GPS tracking device, you can easily keep close tabs on the location of your cheating spouse/partner, locate your child or a elderly persons whereabouts.  The GL300W is the newest version of Americaloc’s  line of GPS trackers on the market to date.  More features have been upgraded, making it among the best GPS tracker out there.

How Do GPS Trackers Work?

GPS tracking generally uses a network of the satellite signals termed as GNSS, to indicate the location of the device that’s specifically designed for this purpose. The satellites use microwave signals to transmit data to the device. The data consists of information such as location of a person or vehicle, the speed of the vehicles and time of the event.

In technical terms, GPS trackers use trilateration to determine the physical location of the recipient based on the distance from the GPS satellites. This is pretty much the same system used in your in-car navigation system. The only difference is that, while the navigation system provides you with the location to drive, the GPS trackers keep the records of driving habits, then broadcast it’s to someone’s location in real time.

5 Things You Need To Know

It is not easy to track the position of an object or person without a perfect GPS, so before you buy one, you will have to spend some time kicking the proverbial tires. You shouldn’t rush out and get a tracker based on some pretty reviews without knowing everything.  So, here are five key things you need to know before purchasing a GPS tracker.

(a) Battery Life

One of the most important things you need to consider when purchasing a GPS tracker is how long the battery lasts. Battery life varies among different models and knowing how much you need between charges is simple.  Most units will go for a week without having to recharge during what considered an average use of about two hours of driving in a day. Some units have inbuilt motion sensors, so they will tend to use less power.

The ML300W has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 14 days on average use.  It has a built-in movement detector, so it can change its reporting frequency to save power.  It also consumes low power when it is moving so it can save energy to record all movements.  The ML300W can also notify you if the battery is getting low.

(b) Alerts And Reporting

GPS Tracking History MapView

The ability to capture as well as present data in the most orderly and concise manner is another important feature of a good GPS tracker.  Some devices report the real-time information on your device immediately, whether its a tablet, computer, or phone.  This way, you will have real-time information about the whereabouts of your vehicle or someone you care about.

With the ML300W you get on demand and automatic position updates.   You can configure email notifications for specific events.  You can download tracking details to a file if you need too.

(c) Coverage

Real-time tracking anywhere is one of the main reasons people buy GPS trackers.  However, this often differs from one tracking device to another.  Some may not offer the ability to ping the trackers manually; thus you may not know the exact location of your valuables. You need to ask yourself whether you can track it as its moving.  How long are the intervals? How long does the battery last when in this a certain mode?  Can you set geofencing?

With the ML300W, you can create zones and get notified if your device enters or leaves that zone.  This is known as geofencing.  Americaloc also offers tracking plans where you can choose how often the updates are.  Typically the longer the interval between updates the longer the battery life.

(d) Good Customer Service

Some GPS tracker manufacturers offers direct support because some tracking devices require at least some tech knowledge. You should make sure that the customer service is good; otherwise, you may not know how to manage the device, and this would be the same as not having one.

Take a look at our customer reviews below to read about Americaloc’s great customer support.

(e) Size

ML300W GPS Tracker Size

Are the buttons and controls of the unit easy to use?  Inherently, this will determine the best size for your needs.  Controls should not be hard to operate when you wear mittens, but again, it should be small enough for your kid not to notice when you slip it in his or her bag, or when you put it on your partner’s cars if you suspect that he or she is cheating.

Note that the weight should also be a consideration although there are about 7-10 ounces of difference between the heaviest and the lightest.

Not The Smallest GPS Tracker

The AMERICALOC GL300W is not the smallest or the cheapest GPS tracker on the market but compared to it’s previous version and its competing models, its one of the best.  Most of its features have been updated to meet the demand of all the users.  You can use it for almost all tracking purposes, and its pretty easy to carry in vehicles or your kids backpack.

Are GPS Trackers Legal?

It is entirely legal to use a GPS tracking device on any property or asset you own, but using a GPS tracking device on someone else vehicle, for instance, is another thing.  You may need to do a little research on your local laws because in many jurisdictions laws on GPS tracking is unclear. (more details here)

However, in many areas including U.S and UK, it is generally legal to use a GPS tracking when:

  • You or your organization owns a vehicle or an asset that need to be tracked.
  • Your asset that can be taken without permission.
  • Concerned with the safety of children (under the age of 18 years).
  • Tracking an asset for legal repossession.

What’s Included?

A compact tracker and awesome Battery life.

The first thing you see when you open the box is the GPS tracker and rechargeable battery.  The gps tracker is ready to provide the precise location of people and properties, right from the box. The rechargeable battery on average usage can last up to 14 days.  This is probably the longest battery life version especially with multi-carrier services; using signals from different carriers.  On the face, the device shows the battery life, thus allowing you to know when to recharge it.  The micro-USB port is located in an accessible location so, charging will be very easy.

With the ML300W, Setup And Activation Is A Breeze

Setting up and activating your account is pretty easy.  There are no contracts and no activation fees, and you can cancel the account without incurring any fees.  You only pay for what you need.

The unit comes with an activation guidebook, as well as access and general navigation instructions.  In the instruction booklet, you will understand how to access your account from the devices and how you can use it to track your vehicle, child, pet, property, or even your cheating partner. (manual)

Ships with an international sim card, so you can conveniently track your devices anywhere in the United States, Europe, Canada and almost every other major country in the world.

GPS Tracking History MapView

Other Customer Reviews

The AMERICALOC GL300W has different benefits that allow users to track things in real time regardless of their location.  Many customers reviews on this device have given this compact GPS tracker a big thumbs up.  They claim that AMERICALOC has the best customer support.

One customer claims that the delivery and the setup support he got from AMERICALOC was unmatchable. The customer department helped him set up the GPS before an international trip.  He claims that the support followed up with an email and phone to confirm that the set-up was okay.

Other customers were impressed with the zones and the geofencing features.  Most customers have commented positively on how they easily they can assign the custom zones to their devices.  Which lets you use these zones to set email alerts for events.

On the bad side,  some customers did claim that the battery life was disappointing.  Especially in the new large capacity version.  One customer claimed that the battery lasted 12 days. While this is below the advertised 14 days, it’s so much better than standard GPS trackers that barely last a week.

Our Thoughts…

Considering all the features mentioned, the AMERICALOC GL300W gps tracker is worthwhile. Unlike other models, AMERICALOC GL300 doesn’t demand a consistency fee for service rendered.  You can open an account, and pay when you intend to use this gps tracker, so you won’t waste your money paying for services you didn’t use.  Although some customers have claimed to have issues with the battery life, it is so much better than competing brands. The battery life is excellent with proper setup.

When using this device, you will be getting detailed information updated every few minutes.

It probably one the most accurate GPS tracker in the market right now.  But as with all trackers out there, they work better if there is no obstacle between the received and open sky.  For best performance and accurate data, its recommended to place it in a place where it is not fully covered by metal.  Nevertheless, this GPS tracker is very reliable.  You will get the peace of mind you need.

The GL300W is controlled via the Americaloc app that works on Android and IPhones.  Americaloc also lets you save tracking data for an entire year.

Other than the advantage of capturing and saving events, with the AMERICALOC GL300W GPS tracker, the system enables one to configure email notification for every event.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for a hardwired gps tracker to put in your fleet of vehicles, then you may want to consider a tracker by MasTrack or Vyncs.  The GL300W gps tracker is up to the job of tracking your vehicle, but, it’s just not hardwired so it will need to be charged every couple of weeks.

Consider getting the AMERICALOC GL300W mini portable gps tracker if you are worried that your teenage son or daughter is involved in some suspicious activities, like driving too fast.  Concerned about grandma/grandpa wandering away?  This might be what you are looking for.  If you are looking for smaller gps trackers to slip back into your kids backpack, then you need to consider this mini portable GPS tracker.  Its small compact and will instantly notify you when your child is unsafe areas.

See today’s price for the AMERICALOC GL300W on Amazon.


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