Amcrest Kids GPS Tracker

The Amcrest AM-GL300 kids GPS tracker provides a superb surveillance service tech at a fair price. Where no costly contracts are needed. Instead, a low month-to-month service fee will be required whenever you want it.

In this article, we will go over the features of this device as well as list what we think makes this GPS tracker a great option. Such as SOS location’s broadcasts, speeding alerts, custom geo-fencing and the Amcrest support team. Enjoy.

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Quick Overview

Its tracking functions are quite simple and easy to access. Management is done using only a secure connection from your computer, tablet or even a phone although mobile browser compatibility is limited.

The Amcrest AM-GL300 kids GPS tracker comes with some great features that we will look at in more detail later but for now here is a quick summary.

  • Quad-Band GSM/GRPS 850/900/18000/1900 MHZ
  • Waterproof
  • @track protocol
  • Space-age GNSS technology and GPS Tracking
  • Customized geo-fencing
  • An SOS fast-button press for emergencies
  • Three-axis accelerometers for the motion detections
  • SMART management for long-lasting battery life, the user has a choice between battery and DC power.

The web application of Amcrest AM-GL300 tracker is easy to use ensuring that the users whether naïve or experienced, are able to use it.

This also enables real-time update onto the monitor’s email enabling quick and real-time action in case of the emergency.

Safety Features

Amcrest AM-GL300, a kids GPS tracking device comes with a handful of features for your kid’s safety. These advantages are its battery life. For instance, you won’t have to worry about the durability of its battery.

For a full charge, Amcrest AM-GL300 can preserve its charge for as long as ten days without running of out of power. Once in full charge, you can already enjoy it functions for 10-14 days, depending on the frequency of use and workload.

This reduces the risk of running out of power while on a day-trip or in the middle of a job. This is due to its endurance and reliable strength. The device also comes with a waterproof feature, allowing you to use it even extreme types of environment.

Secondly, the tracker lets you relax by working for you using Geo-Fencing technique. This works by setting geographic boundaries and the tracker will automatically alert you whenever a boundary is crossed. It happens that if it happens that you drive by a place you want to remember or use as a point of reference, set a point on the map immediately by pressing the button and you can find your way back with the aid of the tracker!

Shipping, Warranty, and Amcrest support is another advantage of this kids GPS tracker. When directly purchased from Amcrest you will have purchased a product and also the value-added service of the same day shipping from the US warehouse.

There is a 30-day money back return policy and a warranty replacement process which is all based out of the US.

In case of need arises, just click the Support Tab to gain access to a step by step guide video tutorials and the community support forums. It is still viable to call or email the Amcrest support team. The team is happy when you are happy!

This tracking device also has a pressing button in the case of an emergency. It’s an SOS panic button. In an emergency, he or she can simply press the emergency button and the tracking device can make an emergency alert and it works quite very well.

Amcrest AM-GL300 Real-Time Tracking

The Amcrest AM-GL300 tracker has a superb accuracy when it comes to reporting. GNSS is for Global Navigation Satellite System which is an original way of exploiting satellite technology for common, unremarkable use. GNSS trackers are castoff in cars, aeroplane, boats, geographical surveys in addition to even in spacecraft! If it can lead rocket into space, you can be sure you’ll tell where your child is going also.

Real-time tracking is identifying the geographical location of a person or an object automatically in the real time. Most real-time tracking systems are attached to the tracked objects or are worn by the people who are being tracked.

With that in mind, a tracking interval can be defined as the amount of time that elapses between moments in which the GPS tracker turns on to capture the location. Normally, intervals have a range of anywhere from 10 seconds, which is frequent, to up to 5 minutes, which on the hand is very widespread.

Longer tracking intervals save the battery life since reduced activities of the tracker minimizes the power usage and hence extends the period in which the tracker will remain charged.

Don’t Let The Small Size Fool You

The AM-GL300 is a small sized device. This is a great advantage especially when you don’t want anyone to know your tracking. Its small size allows you to just to tuck it onto or into any vehicle or moving object. Apart from smuggling it into the vehicle, you can also keep it comfortably in your pocket. You can simply put it into your kid’s vehicle to ensure maximum security for your child knowing that the driver does not go past certain geographical location.

Geo tracking is identifying a person’s or object’s current, physical location by obtaining GPS data from their personal computers, laptops, smartphones or any other GPS enabled devices. Even though handset GPS monitoring comes with a handful of complications.

Key Steps For Set Up And Navigation Of The Web App

Setting up the Amcrest AM-GL300 kids GPS tracker is very simple and well documented (doc).

After owning the AM-GL300, you will have to choose a monthly plan which will allow the device to send data to your Amcrest account. After following the activation steps, you will get an email with the details about the device along with the username and password which you can change later.

Place near a window or on a surface that will not obstruct the signal reception. The GPS tracker is moved near where you want to place it and be sure to check the green GPS signal to ensure the reception is available.

Once you log in into your Amcrest account, you will notice a map and a series of menu tabs which help you navigate the portal and access or create settings for your device.

The main interface components are:

  • Asset Selection – which allows the user to select assets by type or sort through assets in the list
  • Menu Tabs – which allows the user to navigate between menu items
  • Asset List – which displays all assets selected by the user and Attributions-which displays all open street map contributors.

How To Configure The Amcrest AM-GL300 Alerting And Geo-Tracking

If you wish to proceed with setting up an alert for your newly created zone, you will be automatically directed to the Alarm tab.

To set up a new alert for your zone, please select the “add new alert” button. Once you have selected the new alert button you will need to fill out a new alert form. This form will denote; the alert name, the device, the zone the alarm is being applied to, the phone number associated with the device, email address, and an optional second phone number and email address.

The alarm title can be customized to fit the title of the area or can be any name you like. You will then pick the name of the device you desire to apply the alarm notification to.

The subsequent selection will be to move in the phone number the device is related with and then move in the email address related to the device. If you would wish to enter an extra phone number and email address where you would wish the alerts to be processed, you may enter this information in as well, however, please be conscious this info is optional and not required to advance with the alarm initiation process.

To efficiently finish up the alarm setting up procedure please press the “Save” section to save the new alert setting and then apply them to the new custom zone.

After the settings have been saved, you will be prompted that the alert was successfully applied. Once the alarm is fixed on the device, you will want to access the regions tab to finish setting the customs zone by plotting the customs area of your zone by dragging the points to plot the graph. When completed, you will have created the alert for the zone.

Other Customer Reviews

Some people have used this kids GPS tracking device and what has remained in their mouths are just words of praise unto this device for its uncountable advantages that it offers to its users.

Edwin L. a buyer of GPS tracking devices says that it is the best GPS after his first purchase and he goes away saying that he thinks that he will be buying this device every time he needs a GPS tracking device. Scott also a user writes his review and he clearly brings out his point of satisfaction by saying that the device works very good.

Another user writes positively about Amcrest AM-GL300 tracker and says “Very nice and easy to use, love the portability so I can drop in the Kids car (or wife) and also use it with the MC. Customer support is right on and the very responsive to email inquiries.”

Nothing comes just without disadvantages. Amcrest AM-GL300 tracker also is not an exemption to this. There are quite some disadvantages and weaknesses of this tracking device.

For the first time user, the setup can have some caveats. This can happen when activating the device and not being able to connect to a network. The device can do multiple restarts before working. Also, protection of these devices comes with weather and environmental conditions in a separate package. This forces the users to buy the indicated leather case to have the device protected from harm caused by the environment.

Notwithstanding, the Amcrest AM-GL300 tracker comes with a handful of advantages more as compared to the disadvantages. Its biggest role is to help those that are after ensuring security for their kids or even their objects.

Is This GPS Tracker For You?

This makes Amcrest AM-GL300 tracker a device that can be used by anybody of any age around the world provided keeping an eye on people and property. Both the new users and the experienced users can easily access the GPS tracker without many difficulties due to its simplicity and customizability.

Multiple tracking enables wide-spread monitoring which will work quite well for families and also companies.

The users that are in search of secured and accurate monitoring will find Amcrest AM-GL300 tracker very beneficial. Its history report is a handy feature of this device for any cases of asset loss or even when your kid gets lost. It enables retrieval of their current geographical location hence enabling follow up on lost kids or asset.

Managers can track them all over the not have doubts on misplacing all those histories ever since they can use it as an orientation of the whereabouts and actions of the misplaced item or even the kid lost. This feature also guarantees the privacy of the details in the midst of the user or group of users having power over the kid or item.

Do We Recommend the Amcrest Kid’s GPS Tracker?

Having seen its features and capacities the Amcrest AM-GL300 tracker becomes an excellent tracker available in the market.

This tracker is not only good for parents but also families of elderly drivers that need looking after. Even though it has got several downsides, which is a must for every product, you can still work your way out of it through customer support.

Another reason that makes parents who are looking for security for their children go for Amcrest AM-GL300 tracker, is that its tracking functions are quite simple and easy to use.

See today’s price for the Amcrest AM-GL300 on Amazon


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